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Friday, 26 January 2018 11:28

Letter from Japan

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Dear Sir,

 I am pleased to inform you that I have listened to your radio broadcast. The detail
of reception report is as follows. I hope this report will be of some value to you.

Station: Voice of Indonesia

Frequency: 9525 kHz

Languages: Japanese

Date Heard (UTC): October 9, 2016

Time Heard (UTC): 12:02 - 13:02

Reception Quality (SINPO): 24222 - 23222

Reception Location: Tottori, Japan

Receiver Using: ICOM IC-R75

Antenna Using: Apex Radio 303WA-2

Program Details: 

 12:02 Opening and broadcast schedule announcement.

 12:04 News.

 12:10 Station announcement.

 12:14 Station announcement.

 12:25 Station announcement.

 12:33 Station announcement.

 12:38 Various music of Indonesia.

 12:39 A ballad song by a female singer.

 12:43 A ballad song by a female singer.

 12:48 A pop song by a female singer.

 12:53 Closing announcement.

 12:54 A pop song by a female singer.

 12:58 A pop song by a female singer.

 13:00 Closing and broadcast schedule announcement.


 I am sorry that the report was delayed. The reception condition was poor, because
slight or moderate interference but poor signal strength, severe noise and fading.
And the program was 2 minutes behind schedule. Therefore it was hard for me to
listen the detail of the program. However I enjoyed a lot of Indonesian songs.

If it correspondence with your program, please send me a QSL card.

Sincerely yours,

Name: Kazuhiro Takao

Address: 6922 Hikona-cho, Yonago-city, Tottori 683-0854 JAPAN

Age: 50

Sex: Male
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