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Wednesday, 17 February 2021 14:27

Beijing's silence on Myanmar's military coup

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The Myanmar military junta did not budge despite pressure from the United States and the United Nations. Instead of reducing violence against protesters, the Military Rulers increased their pressure on Aung San Suu Kyi.

After being accused of illegally possessing a walkie talkie, the civilian leader faces a second criminal charge. Military authorities accuse Suu Kyi of violating Myanmar's Natural Disaster Act.

Last Saturday the military junta has enacted a law to be able to arrest anyone deemed to be disturbing security without going through procedures. Even so, the people of Myanmar continued to protest against the military coup and asked their leader Aung San Suu Kyi to be released.

The United Nations has warned the junta to stop treating protesters harshly. In a statement, UN envoy Christine Schraner Burgener said there would be severe consequences if the military carried out acts of violence against protesters. The UN also emphasizes that blocking the internet violates the basic principles of democracy.

Against various pressures, including sanctions imposed by the United States, the military junta only stated that it would hold a general election. Without confirming when it will be implemented, they promised to hand over power to whoever wins the election. In the lead-up to the coup, the military had stated that the elections, which the LDP party won absolutely, were fraudulent.

Myanmar is a country in Southeast Asia that has recently embraced a democratic system through general elections. The change in the political and state administration system in Myanmar is one of the reasons that has made ASEAN accept Myanmar as a member. At that time, western countries including the United States saw democratization in Myanmar as a good sign and a new era. But a recent military coup in the country has reversed international views. Meanwhile, the military, which is now in power after staging a coup, seems to have not been too disturbed by international views, criticism or even sanctions.

If the United States immediately pays attention and imposes sanctions, this will not be the case with China. So far, China seems silent and does not react to the coup in Myanmar. It is only natural that the civilian protesters, in one of their demands, ask Beijing not to support the military junta. Whether China will act differently from the United States, the international community still has to wait for further developments.

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