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Today, September 21st is commemorated by the world community as the International Day of Peace. This year, the commemoration of the International Day of Peace is in a situation where every country is struggling hard to shake off from the Covid-19 pandemic. United Nations Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres said that the Covid-19 had turned the world upside down. Conflict is out of control. The climate emergency is also getting worse. Inequality and poverty are deepening. Badly, distrust and split are tearing people apart at a time when solidarity and collaboration are needed more than ever. In his statement, Antonio Guterres also expressed his belief that by working in solidarity for lasting and sustainable peace every day, the world can overcome the problems it faces.

The theme of the International Day of Peace in 2021 is “Recovering better for a just and sustainable world”. Shaking off the pandemic, rising and recovering in peace are being carried out by all nations in the world. Every country has its own strategies and steps without the exception of Indonesia.

One of them is that Indonesia calls for nuclear disarmament at the World Atomic Energy Agency. The call was conveyed by Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia, Retno Marsudi in the General debate and Annual Report for 2020 at a virtual meeting of the World Atomic Energy Agencies on Monday (20/9). She affirmed that the potential for peaceful use of nuclear energy is unlimited, including to address today's global challenges. Minister Retno Marsudi also called on the world community to accelerate and enlarge the contribution of atomic energy to peace and prosperity.

With the spirit to rise and recover, Indonesia will also prove through the G20 Presidency in 2022. During the G20 presidency, Indonesia through the theme "Recover Together, Recover Stronger" reflects the spirit of recovering with the world. Of course, with the support of all Indonesian people, creating and maintaining peace will continue. The little actions of the Indonesian people to maintain domestic peace will be a great step to participate in creating the world’s peace. Because Indonesia believes that the world’s peace is not just a dream. As UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres put it “peace is not a naive dream”.

Happy International Day of Peace!



The Indonesian  Central Statistics Agency recorded Indonesia's export value of US$21.42 billion in August 2021. This achievement is the highest record in Indonesia's history. Head of the Agency Margo Yuwono in a virtual press conference last Wednesday, September 15, explained that the positive export performance during the last month could not be separated from the increase in commodity prices in the global market. Price increases occurred in coal, palm oil (CPO), kernels, aluminum, tin, rubber and nickel. However, the highest increases in terms of prices and export volumes were CPO and coal. On a monthly basis, coal prices in August 2021 rose 11.04 percent compared to July 2021, as well as CPO prices which rose 6.85 percent.

Separately, Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Airlangga Hartarto said that the high rate of exports in August 2021 showed Indonesia's economic recovery, which was accompanied by an improvement in the level of Indonesian Manufacturing Purchasing Managers' Index (PMI). In a written statement, Thursday, September 16, Airlangga Hartarto revealed, Indonesia's Manufacturing PMI in August 2021 increased to 43.7 from the previous level of 40.1 in July 2021. Indonesia's PMI level is better than several countries in ASEAN, such as Myanmar, Vietnam, and Malaysia.

This achievement, according to Airlangga, indicates that Indonesia's economic recovery will continue in line with the recovery in global demand. This is indicated by the continued increase in export volume and prices for Indonesia's mainstay commodities such as coal and CPO. For information, the realization of the export value in August 2021 increased by 20.95 percent compared to the export rate in July 2021. Meanwhile, non-oil and gas export destinations that experienced the largest increase compared to the previous month included China, India and Japan.


Indonesia has again captivated the international market with its flagship products. Indonesia managed to gain potential transactions worth around Rp 2.6 billion with the number of potential buyer contacts reaching 50 companies at the HOMI 2021 handicraft and home decoration exhibition, in Milan, Italy.

Indonesia's participation in HOMI 2021 which was held in early September 2021 was a synergy of the Ministry of Trade through the Indonesian Trade Promotion Center (ITPC) Milan in collaboration with the Rome Trade Attaché by cooperating with the leading Italian home decoration distributor, Aladdin Srl Massimo Vento.

In this exhibition, Indonesia displayed wood and stone carvings, home decorations, aromatherapy, such as resins and candles, as well as handicrafts from bamboo and rattan. By having good quality, these products managed to attract the attention and interest of buyers who were present. This was stated by the Roman trade attaché, Silvi Charlote Sumanti.

HOMI is an international exhibition in the field of crafts and home decoration in Italy that involves all relevant parties, from producers to distributors. At this year’s exhibition, HOMI 2021 featured 300 participants from 22 countries.

Aladdin Srl Massimo Vento, founder of HOMI said that he was very satisfied with the results of this exhibition. Indonesian products are beautiful and unique products that are rarely found in Italy, making them very popular and appreciated in Italy.

Head of ITPC Milan, Sri Bimo Adhi Yudhono explained that after being hampered by the Covid-19 pandemic and a strict lockdown followed by massive vaccinations, the Italian economy is now back to life. This should be used by Indonesia to reach the market as one of the countries producing high quality handicrafts. Moreover, currently the Italian government is providing discounted prices for those who build or buy houses, thus, making the opportunities for the home decoration sector even greater.

The trend for 2021 in the interior design field is environmentally friendly products as well as sustainable ones. Indonesian products have these two characters because they are made from natural materials and not from artificial ones or chemical industry products. This year, the public interest in furniture and products for verandas, terraces and yards has increased sharply because many people still have to work from home.

The total trade between Indonesia and Italy in the January-July 2021 period was worth US$ 2.40 billion, an increase of 31.54 percent compared to the same period last year. Of this value, Indonesia's exports to Italy amounted to US$ 1.39 billion. Meanwhile, Indonesia's imports from Italy amounted to US$ 1.01 billion.



Indonesian President Joko Widodo inaugurated the groundbreaking for the construction of an electric vehicle battery factory in Karawang, West Java last Wednesday (15/9). The project worth US$1.1 billion or equivalent to Rp 15.6 trillion will be the first such a battery factory, not only in Indonesia, but also in ASEAN region or Southeast Asia.

President Joko Widodo in his speech said that the glorious era of raw material commodities is over. Therefore, Indonesia must have the courage to change its economic structure, which has been commodity-based, to enter into down-streaming and industrialization. Thus,  Indonesia can become a strong industrial country based on the development of technological innovation.

By accelerating the revitalization of the processing industry and by removing dependence on imported products or imports from exports of raw materials, Indonesia will be able to obtain higher economic added-value.

According to President Joko Widodo, Indonesia has the largest nickel reserves (an important mineral for battery products) in the world. With this extraordinary potential, in the next 3-4 years, through good management, Indonesia is believed to be a major producer of nickel-based finished goods, including lithium batteries, electric batteries, and electric vehicle batteries. If nickel is processed into cell batteries, its value can increase 6-7 times. In fact, if it becomes an electric car, the added-value will increase even more to 11 times.

To attract public interest in switching from oil-fueled vehicles to electric vehicles, the Indonesian Government certainly needs to conduct a massive campaign about the benefits of using this type of vehicle. The government should also issue a policy that will make the price of electric vehicles inexpensive. Based on the research of the Association of Indonesian Automotive Industries, it was found that the price of electric vehicles in general is still above Rp 450 million per unit, while the purchasing power of Indonesian people is around Rp 300 million per unit. In addition, the government must also provide sufficient electric vehicle battery charging stations so that people feel confident that they will not face difficulties when they already have an electric vehicle.