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Primaduta Award for Lebanese Businessman

Primaduta Award for Lebanese Businessman (0)

The Indonesian Embassy in Beirut has acknowledged its continued support for trade cooperation improvement between Indonesia and Lebanon. Indonesian Ambassador to Lebanon Hajriyanto Y Thohari gave the Primaduta Award to Lebanese businessman and importer, George R Fattouh. The award was given for his service in helping market Indonesian products in Paris from the Middle East. The award was given at a ceremony at the Indonesian Embassy in Beirut, Thursday (11/1)  Fatough, is the owner of George R. Fattouh S.A.L, a business that has been importing Indonesian products since the 1980s. It has a range of products, including: palm oil and its derivatives, oil and fats (including cocoa butter substitute, fat spread, hydrogenated palm kernel oil, and lauric confectionery fats), cardboard, stationary, and school equipment. Some Indonesian products are now even available at famous retail networks, such as Spinney’s and Carrefour. In 2022, the value imported by George R. Fattough S.A.L of Indonesian products, was 981.3 million USD. This was a 149.5 million USD increase when compared to 2021. Fattouh said Indonesian products are known for their quality and are in high demand in Lebanese markets. However, he said, the challenge now is increasing freight costs due to security challenges in the region. 

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Listeners, a number of delicious dishes were served to the guests of Dhaup Ageng Pura Pakualaman Yogyakarta, at the wedding reception of the youngest son of K.G.P.A.A. Paku Alam X, namely B.P.H. Kusumo Kuntonugroho with Laily Annisa Kusumastuti which was held on January 10, 2024.Head of the Customs and Accommodation Division, Dhaup Ageng Pura Pakualaman, KRT Radyo Wisroyo said that the menu served to guests was quite varied. These menus are typical menus prepared by Pakualaman Pura, Indonesian menus and western food menus were also available. All invited guests including VIP and VVIP guests got the same menu. The first menu served to welcome guests, namely two types of welcome drink, namely lime lemongrass and ginger drink with lime. The welcome drink was given when guests sat down and watched the Bedhaya Sidamukti and Bedhaya Kakung Indrawidagda dance performances. Next, they gotsnacks for appetizer such as croquettes and other light snacks. There is a snack that is considered quite special and rare called Garulina. Garulina was the opening snack at the Pahargyan Dhaup Ageng Pakualaman lunch on the first day. Garulina has been around since the era before Indonesian independence. Garulina is actually not a typical Central Javanese food. It looks like the Lapis Legit layered cake, but there is something different, because there is a special layer like vla which is made from fresh milk, eggs and sugar. To get this sweet snack, Pakulaman Temple has to place a special order from the third generation of makers who have been pioneering since the 1950s. In Jogja, Garulina is very difficult to find and is considered rare because it is not sold every day.

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Bali has many famous marine tourism destinations such as Padang Padang Beach, Kuta and many others. One of the attractions that should be visited is Water Blow in the South of Bali. This place offers high and impressive waves. The beauty of the waves on the rock cliffs is a view that needs to be taken with a camera.

Water blow is a term that refers to the large waves between the reefs that blow the seawater up. You will be amazed by the waves spreading into the air.

Nusa Dua's Water Blow is a natural phenomenon located at the end of a cliff, not a beach with sand that is often found in other areas of Nusa Dua. Here, you will see coral cliffs which act as a natural fortress against the crashing waves of the southern Indian Ocean. As a result, the waves which are blocked by these cliffs are blown upwards, creating a spectacular “water blow”. Different from the surrounding beaches such as Geger Beach and Samuh Beach in Nusa Dua, Water Blow offers a unique and dramatic experience. Besides enjoying the water jets, we can also see a panoramic view of the wide and clear Indian Ocean.

If you visit between July and October, be prepared to be splashed by the sea water, a moment not found anywhere else. Because this moment doesn't happen every minute, your patience will be rewarded when you see this beautiful water spout.

If you want to visit Water Blow in the afternoon, around 4 p.m., it's the best choice. The sun is shady and you can enjoy the beauty of nature without worrying about getting sunburned.

For the precise location of Water Blow, this tourist spot is behind the grand Hyatt Nusa Dua hotel area. To find it more easily, tourists should enter the ITDC Nusa Dua area. The Water Blow Peninsula Nusa Dua tourist attraction (DTW) will officially reopen to the public starting January 2022. The entrance fee for tourists is IDR 15,000 for adults and IDR 10,000 for children, specifically for domestic tourists while for foreign tourists is IDR 25,000.



An Indonesian diaspora startup restaurant is operating around San Francisco, United States. The restaurant, namely " NUSA"  sells various  dishes and market snacks typical of the archipelago.

The Indonesian Consulate General of San Francisco, Prasetyo Hadi inaugurated the opening of NUSA Restaurant, which is located at the Emeryville Public Market in a Grand Launching event on Wednesday (15/5). The opening ceremony was also attended by Emeryville Mayor Courtney Welch and various culinary business partners.

As reported on the official website of the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Friday (17/5), Consul General Prasetyo in his speech congratulated Jennifer Huang, the founder of NUSA Restaurant. He hopes that NUSA restaurant will be successful and become a favorite for local people.

Moreover, Consul General Prasetyo assessed that the existence of NUSA adds to the success stories of Indonesian diaspora start-up food businesses, which will help promote Indonesian specialties abroad. He added that the Indonesian Consulate General in San Francisco will certainly continue to encourage more Indonesian culinary Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises whose benefits can be directly felt by local residents of the United States.

Mayor Courtney in his speech conveyed that Indonesian food is known for its good quality, delicious and distinctive taste. He also congratulated NUSA, and hoped that the business would continue to grow and become more popular with the public.

The visitors who attended NUSA's opening ceremony enjoyed specialty dishes such as satay, soto ayam, a variety of fruit juices, and Indonesian snacks such as lapis legit, kue lapis, and pandan sponge cake.

NUSA's foray into the culinary business has been started since 2013, as a catering service for working professionals at tech companies in Silicon Valley. The small business then evolved into NUSA around 2020 in the specialty market La Cocina, San Francisco.

Meanwhile, Dion Lim, senior reporter of ABC7 television station, showed his enthusiasm for the event. Dion congratulated NUSA and the entire Indonesian diaspora for consistently supporting Asian culinary MSMEs in the San Francisco Bay Area. For him, NUSA's snacks not only have high taste, but are also packaged beautifully, neatly, and beautifully, thus making consumers more interested in Indonesian cuisine



Indonesia promoted Nusantara coffee at the 2024 Melbourne International Coffee Expo (MICE) which took place on May 12-14 in Melbourne, Australia.

Indonesian Ambassador to Australia Siswo Pramono said in a release from the Indonesian Consulate General in Melbourne on Friday (17/5) that the Indonesian pavilion is the best place to show the taste of Nusantara coffee to the Australian public.

Siswo Pramono said, this year is special because it introduces coffee from Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) countries in the Indonesian pavilion. This effort is a form of Indonesia's commitment as part of the Melanesian community in the Pacific.

The Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia for Victoria and Tasmania, Kuncoro Waseso, said that, as neighboring countries, Indonesia and Australia have similarities, namely a strong coffee drinking culture.

Waseso said coffee is not only important from a commercial point of view, but also for the socio-cultural relations between the two countries, so that it can be a bridge in bringing the people of the two countries closer together and also improve bilateral economic relations. This is helped by the Indonesia-Australia Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (IA-CEPA).

At the exhibition, the Indonesian booth presented excellent coffee businesses from various regions, which showed the richness of Indonesian coffee.

The Indonesian booth also displayed seaweed-based bioplastic innovation products such as cups, bowls, plates, and straws developed by Ijo Inovasi Indonesia. During the exhibition, a letter of intent (LOI) was signed between ASLAN Coffee Roasters and Ariga Coffee to support the promotion of coffee produced by Indonesian MSMEs.

The presence of Indonesian coffee at MICE 2024 is a collaboration between various stakeholders, including the Indonesian Consulate General in Melbourne, the Indonesian Embassy in Canberra, and the Indonesian Trade Promotion Center (ITPC) Sydney. ITPC Sydney Director Christhophorus Barutu hopes that Indonesia's participation in MICE 2024 can strengthen its position as one of the world's leading coffee producers.



The Indonesian Embassy in Beijing promoted various Indonesian tourism sites and the achievements of Indonesia-China economic relations to Chinese journalists. In 2023, Global Wellness Institute included Indonesia in the list of fitness tourism destination countries. Indonesian Ambassador to China and Mongolia, Djauhari Oratmangun in Beijing, China on Tuesday (14/5) pointed out that tourists from China can visit various fitness tourism destinations for example in Yogyakarta, Solo, and Bali. They can also feel the wellness experience by tasting various herbal products, aromatherapy and spa. Ambassador Djauhari conveyed this when holding a media meeting themed ‘Indonesia Update’ at the Roemah Indonesia Heritage restaurant which was attended by around 60 Chinese journalists.

The Global Wellness Institute defines wellness as activities, choices and lifestyles that lead to a holistic state of health. The concept of Wellness itself is elaborated not only relating to physical health, but also including seven other dimensions namely emotional, spiritual, intellectual, environmental, financial, working and social aspects. Ambassador Djauhari also asserted that since January-April 2024, the Chinese media has made positive coverage of Indonesia, including promoting Indonesian tourism destinations, such as Bali and Bromo. According to Ambassador Djauhari Oratmangun, China will remain a strategic and important partner for Indonesia to accelerate sustainable and inclusive growth, and to support Golden Indonesia 2045.

Meanwhile, on the same occasion, Head of Bank Indonesia Representative Office in Beijing, Tutuk Cahyono said that Indonesia has strong economic and financial fundamentals amid global uncertainty. In 2023, Indonesia's economic growth reached 5.05 percent while the first quarter of 2024, year on year, Indonesia's economic growth grew by 5, 11 percent. Inflation in Indonesia is also under control on average below 3 percent in 2024. Indonesia has a positive trade balance so that the exchange rate of the rupiah against the US dollar can be well maintained. Based on Chinese Customs data, the value of China-Indonesia trade in 2023 amounted to US$139.41 billion or around Rp2.24 quadrillion.



A soldier of Komando Pasukan Katak or Frogman Forces Command (Kopaska), Hari Rohman won 2nd place in the Iron Man Triathlon championship held in Danang City, Vietnam, Sunday (12/5). This event was participated in by 1,000 participants from Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, England, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, France, and the United States. The participants were divided in the Individual Team category of 2 or 3 people consisting of the International Open which includes swimming 1,900 meters, cycling 90,000 meters and running 21,000 meters.

In this event, Soldier Hari Rohman as second sergeant won 2nd place overall in the international relay team, while 1st place was won by the team from Vietnam. The Commander of the Frogman Forces Command of the Indonesian Navy, First Admiral TNI Baroyo Eko Basuki stated that Hari Rohman has made achievements in competitions held at home and abroad. This success is the result of hard work in training and the high fighting spirit of Kopaska soldiers who go through the process consistently wherever they are.

Hari Rohman, is an outstanding soldier in the Indonesian Navy Doctrine Development, Education and Training Command unit. He has sports hobbies, such as running, cycling and swimming which are his daily activities. It is hoped that the achievements made by Hari Rohman can inspire other soldiers to keep fighting to make the nation proud on the world stage.



Indonesian guitar succeeded in recording a potential transaction of 963 thousand US dollars or 15.5 billion rupiah when participating in the Sound Messe in Osaka 2024–Osaka Guitar Show exhibition on May 11-12, 2024 in Osaka, Japan. Sound Messe in Osaka 2024 is the largest annual international musical instrument exhibition in Japan. Indonesia's participation in the exhibition was carried out in collaboration with the Ministry of Trade through the Indonesian Trade Promotion Center in Osaka/Tokyo Trade Attaché and the Indonesian Consulate General in Osaka.

Head of the Osaka Indonesian Trade Promotion Center/ Didit Akhdiat Suryo explained the Sound Messe in Osaka 2024–Osaka Guitar Show exhibition is the right event to promote musical instrument products especially acoustic and electric guitars from Indonesia to the Japanese market// Apart from that export potential of this sector can still be further improved by utilizing the 0 percent preferential tariff for entry into Japan through the Indonesia-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement or IJEPA scheme.

Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia in Osaka John Tjahjanto Boestami/ said/ besides promoting products/ this exhibition can be used as inspiration in creating new creative works. He hopes that, this exhibition can stimulate the creativity and innovation of Indonesian craftsmen in producing quality guitar products The Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said/ Sound Messe in Osaka 2024–Osaka Guitar Show is a forum for producers and lovers of musical instruments throughout the world to promote their products especially guitars/ basses/ and ukuleles.

This exhibition was attended by 170 participants from various countries/including the United States/ China/ Mexico/ France/ Sweden/ and South Korea. A total of more than 10,000 musical instrument products were displayed This year/ the organizers targeted visitors of 2,500 people more than in 2023. A total of five brands of Indonesian guitar manufacturers participated in the Indonesian booth located in the acoustic zone namely Batiksoul Guitar/ Genta Guitar/ Stranough Guitar Technology/ Sui Generis Straps/ and Solobeat.

In addition, iVee Guitar's producers were incorporated independently in Boutique Guitar Showcase booth. Tokyo Trade Attaché, Merry Astrid Indriasari explained the sales trend for acoustic and electric guitars in Japan currently continues to increase Sales value in 2022 reached an increase of 5.6 percent compared to 2021.

She also said that participation in this exhibition has the potential to open up opportunities for collaboration with international brand. Based on data from Japan Customs in 2023 Indonesia was the 4th main supplier of acoustic guitars with an export value of 34.94 billion rupiah and a market share of 7 percent. For electric guitars Indonesia is the 3rd largest supplier with an export value of 218.19 billion rupiah.



An Indonesian film titled "Labuan Hati" (2017) directed by Lola Amaria was successfully screened in New York. The screening was held at Turkish House, Turkish Consulate General in early May. This was one of five films of MIKTA countries screened every Tuesday until 4 June 2024. Indonesian Consul General in New York Winanto Adi said MIKTA is a regional group promoting the strengthening of relations and cooperation promotion as a platform for dialogue and collaboration. The film Labuan Hati showcases the beautiful nature of Indonesia, especially Labuan Bajo.

Some 150 guests joined the MIKTA Movie Reception that served various snacks and beverages from MIKTA countries. The Indonesian Consulate General in New York served kue mangkuk which literally means bowl cake made of rice flour, croquettes, and wedang jahe or herbal drinks made of ginger root. MIKTA is a regional organization consisting of Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea, Turkiye, and Australia. The organization founded in 2013 aims to build a platform for the diverse member countries to strengthen cooperation.

Labuan Hati is a drama and road movie from Indonesia, released on 6 April 2017. The casts are Nadine Chandrawinata, Kelly Tandiono, Ully Triani, and Ramon Y Tungka. Labuan Bajo was a meeting point of the three young women. They took a boat together for 7 days and 6 nights, under the guidance of diving instructor named Mahesa (Ramon Y Tungka). This will bring them into friendship and rivalry to be the best in front of Mahesa.


Indonesian Ambassador to the Kingdom of Cambodia Santo Darmosumarto held a  meeting with Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Home Affairs of Cambodia Sar Sokha to discuss efforts to strengthen bilateral cooperation, including in combating transnational organized crime, in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, on Tuesday (14/5).

Ambassador Darmosumarto expressed his appreciation for the continuous support and assistance from the Cambodian Government for some efforts made by the Indonesian Embassy in Phnom Penh to facilitate the needs and protect Indonesian citizens in Cambodia. The support also ensured that the Indonesian General Election last February which took place in Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville, Poipet, Chrey Thum and Bavet ran smoothly.

In addressing transnational organized crime particularly trafficking in persons, cyber crime and drug trafficking, Ambassador Darmosumarto appreciated the cooperation between relevant agencies in both countries especially the Cambodian National Police and the General Department of Immigration. Deputy Prime Minister Sar Sokha has acknowledged that these agencies have been actively responding to reports from Indonesian citizens who are victims of such crimes.

Meanwhile, according to statistical data from Cambodian authorities,  it is estimated that there are around 100 thousand Indonesian citizens living in Cambodia. This is a dramatic increase  when compared to before Covid-19 , there were only around 2,000 Indonesians living in Cambodia. They work in various fields  among others as hotel staff, cyber engineers and restaurant owners.

Moreover, Indonesia is also ready to share its experience and expertise in tackling the threat of international terrorism. There is also potential for concrete cooperation in combating drug trafficking and cyber crime  as both countries work together to ensure stability and peace in the region. This is essential if Southeast Asia will remain a driving force for global economic development.

As both countries strive for development and prosperity, cooperation between Indonesia and Cambodia is vital in creating a safe and conducive environment for development. By working together, Indonesia and Cambodia affirmed their joint commitment to fighting against transnational crime and protecting the interests of both countries.


Ngargoyoso Waterfall

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If you travel to Karanganyar Regency, Central Java, you should visit its waterfall tourist spots. Karanganyar Regency has many waterfalls located on the slopes of Mount Lawu. One of the newly opened waterfall attractions is Ngargoyoso Waterfall. Its main attraction is the approximately 30-meter waterfall whose water comes from the river around the rice fields. The river flow will fall into a stream forming a kind of pool. You can splash around in the pool below the waterfall.

Ngargoyoso Waterfall is under the management of Lawu Group. Some other tourist attractions under the Lawu Group are Sakura Hills in Tawangmangu and Kemuning Sky Hills, or Kemuning Glass Bridge. The entrance ticket price is 20,000 rupiahs or about 1.2 US dollars per person. With the price, you can enter the tourist area and play with water to your heart's content. You have to walk down about 5 minutes from the parking lot along the stairs because the waterfall point is at the bottom of the cliff. Arriving at the bottom of the cliff, you will see a waterfall about 40 meter- high that falls into the river. You can take pictures with the waterfall in the background. Not only taking pictures, you can also play in the water. At the bottom of the waterfall, a sort of pool can be used to play water.

Besides playing in the water, another activity that can be done is to ride the "keranjang sultan" (sultan's basket), a kind of flying basket ride that floats above the river. For one way, the ride costs 20,000 Rupiah, or about 1.2 US dollars per person, while round-trip costs 30,000 Rupiah, or about 1.8 US dollars. You can also dine at food stalls around the waterfall while enjoying the natural beauty.



The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy participated again in the largest international tourism exhibition at the Seoul International Travel Fair (SITF) 2024 which took place at Coex Hall A in Seoul, South Korea from May 9 to 12, 2024. The Ministry presented the Wonderful Indonesia Pavilion in collaboration with the Indonesian Embassy in Seoul, the Jakarta Tourism & Creative Economy Office, the South Sumatra Culture and Tourism Office, and Garuda Indonesia. This was stated by Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno when attending the 2024 Seoul International Travel Fair (SITF), Saturday (11/5).

The Wonderful Indonesia Pavilion featured Balinese decorations. Complementing the pavilion is a "Wonderful Journey" theme to promote the 5 Super Priority Destinations. The Indonesian Pavilion also featured 14 tourism industries, including travel agents/tour operators, hotels, golf, and tourism attractions.

Quoted from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy's press release, Sunday (12/5), Minister Sandiaga explained that the foreign tourist market from South Korea is still one of the potential markets for the tourism industry in Indonesia.

South Korea ranks 8th out of the top 10 countries contributing the most foreign tourists to Indonesia in 2023 and continues to show a positive trend and reach more than 300 thousand visits.

Deputy for Marketing of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Ni Made Ayu Marthini, said that Bali has become top of mind for South Korean outbound tourists.

In addition to Bali, Wonderful Indonesia also offers 5 Super Priority Destinations outside Bali, such as Lake Toba, Borobudur Temple, Mandalika, Labuan Bajo, and Likupang, and focuses on the leading segments in the South Korean market, namely golf and leisure. Marthini also explained that in targeting the luxury segment, the Indonesian tourism industry prepares tour packages that suit tourists from South Korea.

The Wonderful Indonesia Pavilion also promoted destinations in Indonesia as filming locations. Recently, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy has launched a film location ecosystem called ‘Indonesia Film Facilitation’ (, as an access for international filmmakers to visit various beautiful filming locations in Indonesia. Promoting destinations through movies can expose more destinations in Indonesia and encourage more Korean tourists to visit Indonesia.

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