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Primaduta Award for Lebanese Businessman

Primaduta Award for Lebanese Businessman (0)

The Indonesian Embassy in Beirut has acknowledged its continued support for trade cooperation improvement between Indonesia and Lebanon. Indonesian Ambassador to Lebanon Hajriyanto Y Thohari gave the Primaduta Award to Lebanese businessman and importer, George R Fattouh. The award was given for his service in helping market Indonesian products in Paris from the Middle East. The award was given at a ceremony at the Indonesian Embassy in Beirut, Thursday (11/1)  Fatough, is the owner of George R. Fattouh S.A.L, a business that has been importing Indonesian products since the 1980s. It has a range of products, including: palm oil and its derivatives, oil and fats (including cocoa butter substitute, fat spread, hydrogenated palm kernel oil, and lauric confectionery fats), cardboard, stationary, and school equipment. Some Indonesian products are now even available at famous retail networks, such as Spinney’s and Carrefour. In 2022, the value imported by George R. Fattough S.A.L of Indonesian products, was 981.3 million USD. This was a 149.5 million USD increase when compared to 2021. Fattouh said Indonesian products are known for their quality and are in high demand in Lebanese markets. However, he said, the challenge now is increasing freight costs due to security challenges in the region. 

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Listeners, a number of delicious dishes were served to the guests of Dhaup Ageng Pura Pakualaman Yogyakarta, at the wedding reception of the youngest son of K.G.P.A.A. Paku Alam X, namely B.P.H. Kusumo Kuntonugroho with Laily Annisa Kusumastuti which was held on January 10, 2024.Head of the Customs and Accommodation Division, Dhaup Ageng Pura Pakualaman, KRT Radyo Wisroyo said that the menu served to guests was quite varied. These menus are typical menus prepared by Pakualaman Pura, Indonesian menus and western food menus were also available. All invited guests including VIP and VVIP guests got the same menu. The first menu served to welcome guests, namely two types of welcome drink, namely lime lemongrass and ginger drink with lime. The welcome drink was given when guests sat down and watched the Bedhaya Sidamukti and Bedhaya Kakung Indrawidagda dance performances. Next, they gotsnacks for appetizer such as croquettes and other light snacks. There is a snack that is considered quite special and rare called Garulina. Garulina was the opening snack at the Pahargyan Dhaup Ageng Pakualaman lunch on the first day. Garulina has been around since the era before Indonesian independence. Garulina is actually not a typical Central Javanese food. It looks like the Lapis Legit layered cake, but there is something different, because there is a special layer like vla which is made from fresh milk, eggs and sugar. To get this sweet snack, Pakulaman Temple has to place a special order from the third generation of makers who have been pioneering since the 1950s. In Jogja, Garulina is very difficult to find and is considered rare because it is not sold every day.

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Indonesian Ambassador to Japan/ Heri Akhmadi/ welcomed the visit of members of Commission VII (7) of the Indonesian House of Representatives at Wisma Duta Tokyo/ Tuesday (7/5/2024)// The Ambassador hoped  their  visit to the Nuclear Power Plant Fukushima Daiichi as part  of the itinerary  in Japan can provide a direct picture of nuclear energy processing as a combined primary energy consisting of oil and natural gas/coal/new and renewable energy//

On that occasion/ Ambassador Heri Akhmadi also explained the Indonesia-Japan cooperation within the framework of the Asian Zero Emission Community or AZEC includes 78 related projects in Indonesia/ among others the development of renewable energy through solar power generation system installation projects in various locations in Indonesia//

According to him/ cooperation related to AZEC is important as an effort to answer the challenge of global climate change// He added, Indonesia needs appropriate action to reduce the level of greenhouse gas emissions gradually// This is in line with Indonesia's commitment to Increasing Nationally Determined Contributions // National Net Zero Emissions are targeted to be achieved by 2060//

Chairman of the House Commission VII/ Sugeng Suparwoto/ believes/ Indonesia can formulate policies that maintain Indonesia's acceleration in achieving Net Zero Emissions by 2060//

He said/ Japan's efforts to reduce nuclear radiation levels to a safe point should be studied by Indonesia which requires a lot of energy// According to him/ nuclear is one option for Indonesia to be able to achieve Net Zero Emissions//

Sugeng Suparwoto added/ during the visit of Commission VII members to Japan/ they received offers of potential Japanese opportunities and innovations/ not only in the economic sector/ but also industry// During this working visit 6 – 12 May 2024/ apart from visiting the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant/ the delegation also held a meeting with the Director General of International Policy on Carbon Neutrality, Ministry of Economy/ Trade/ and Industry of Japan//

In  the meeting/ a number of topics were discussed/ including the development of renewable energy within the AZEC framework and the preparation of the Draft Law on New Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation//


Good news comes from the Indonesian culinary world, especially in Indonesian coffee. Barista from Indonesia, Mikael Jasin, succeeded in winning the 1st place title in the 2024 World Barista Championship. In this event, he defeated 53 national champions from 50 countries, who competed from May 1 to 4, 2024 in Busan, South Korea. Mikael Jasin was one of the baristas who made it through to the semi-finals and continued on to the final round which was attended by 6 best baristas in the world.

From his LinkedIn page, Mikael Jasin is the founder of So So Good Coffee Company & CATUR Coffee Company since 2020. He has been involved in the barista world for more than 10 years before finally starting his own coffee company. His journey to become a barista began when he was in Melbourne, Australia in 2011. At that time, he had just finished college and worked part time as a barista, a job that Mikael Jasin pursued with all his heart.

At the World Barista Championship in Busan, South Korea 2024, Mikael Jasin served his signature drink called Aji espresso. This drink comes from Ethiopian landrace coffee varieties that are inoculated with yeast and heat and grown at Finca El Diviso in Huila, Colombia. He made Aji espresso by mixing three types of milk, namely 60 percent milk, 20 percent cashew milk and 20 percent oat milk. All ingredients are evaporated to a concentration of 80 percent. The milk mixture is then clarified with lemon juice, aromatic palo santo infusion, palo santo vanilla syrup, and Indonesian cocoa nibs. Then, the mixture is combined and served at 50 degrees Celsius. Certain temperatures can create new flavors, such as melon, watermelon and sage, with a soft texture and black forest cake finish. Mikael Jasin also made espresso from Gesha coffee produced at Finca Deborah in Volcan, Panama. The ground Gesha coffee beans are brewed with a longer brewing ratio of 2.5:1 giving aromas of jasmine, orange blossom, orange, honey and a soft golden raisin finish. These two kinds of coffee impressed the judges and confirmed him as first winner.


"Roman Peony" film was screened for the first time at Okinawa International Movie Festival (OIMF) at the end of April 2024. The event was held in Naha City, Okinawa Islands, Japan. The international festival was themed "Laugh & Peace", showcasing the best films from many countries, especially Asia. "Roman Peony" was the only special invite in OIMF 2024 from Indonesia. The film was special because it is showing a multicultural love triangle. It takes place in three cities in Japan's northernmost island Hokkaido namely Sapporo, Shobetsu, and Wakkanai.

"Roman Peony" director Alfrits said he will create more films, especially the ones promoting an exchange between Indonesia and Japan. Meanwhile, "Roman Peony" producer Vincent Mancahaya said he was proud of the screening of "Roman Peony" at OIMF, for the film gets positive response at Naha Cultural Art Center.

The film was produced by Connection Film in collaboration with Yoshimoto Kreatif Indonesia & Neo Metro Film. The casts are from Japan and Indonesia namely Jessica Veranda (former member of JKT48), Genki Sadamatsu, Hitomi, Diera Nathania, and Daisuke Hamada. Roman Peony is about two hurting people who planned to visit Japan in hope for miracle and enlightenment.


The Indonesian  Embassy in Rome supports the 2nd Street Photography Exhibition entitled “ A Journey between Italy and Indonesia at Orsini Castle” Fiano Romano city, Italy. According to a written statement from the Indonesian Embassy in Rome received in Jakarta on Tuesday (7/5),  the exhibition features the work of 14 photographers from Tasikmalaya, West Java,  Indonesia  and Rome,  Italy  which combines the culture of the city of Tasikmalaya and Rome through photography.  The photo exhibition was organized by the Indonesian Embassy in Rome in collaboration with the Fiano Romano Mayor's Office and an Italian photographer, Stefano Romano.

The Indonesian Embassy in Rome conveyed,  Business Attorney ad Interim,  Lefianna H. Ferdinandus  welcomed the implementation of these activities as it would be used to promote Indonesia in Italy. He further said  the exhibition is a tangible manifestation of good cooperation between the people of Indonesia and Italy,  as well as a concrete result of diplomatic relations between the two countries which this year reached 75 years.

Mayor of Fiano Romano, David Santonastaso  expressed his appreciation and pride that the Italian and Indonesian photo exhibition could be held in the city of Fiano Romano. He also conveyed  photography will further strengthen relations between the two countries. The Indonesian Embassy in Rome stated 14 photographers from Indonesia and Italy produced 14 photographic works,  obtained from exploring the uniqueness of the cities of Rome and Tasikmalaya by taking a cultural, social  and tourism point of view.

Although Rome and Tasikmalaya have their own identity , character  and outlook on life,  there are cultural values and community habits that can be synergized through photography.  Collaboration between the Indonesian and Italian photography communities has started since 2021 and it was agreed to realize the concept of fusion of two cultures, namely Rome and Tasikmalaya through photography. The photo exhibition was attended by invited guests from the city government of Fiano Romano,  the Italian photographer community  and Friends of Indonesia in Italy.  The first photo exhibition was held on September 21, 2022 at the Tasikmalaya City Arts Building //


The Indonesian Embassy in Canberra conducted an Ambassador Goes to Campus activity by visiting the University of New England (UNE) in Armidale, New South Wales, Australia, last Monday (May 6).

According to a written statement from the Indonesian Embassy in Canberra, quoted by Antara, the Ambassador Goes to Campus activity aims to increase cooperation between campuses in Australia and Indonesia.

The Indonesian Embassy also mentioned that Indonesian Ambassador to Australia, Siswo Pramono visited universities in Australia to provide the latest information about Indonesia, including opportunities for Indonesia-Australia cooperation, especially in the fields of education and research.

He also said that in the field of education and research, three Australian universities have opened campuses in Indonesia, and one university is in the process of licensing to open a campus in Kalimantan. According to Ambassador Siswo, academically the standards are the same as the central campus in Australia, but by studying in Indonesia, Australian students will get to know Indonesia more closely, both from a socio-cultural and economic context.

On the same occasion, the Education and Culture Attaché of the Indonesian Embassy in Canberra, Mukhamad Najib said that there are currently many opportunities for Australian students to study in Indonesia. He also said that Indonesia has a Dharmasiswa scholarship to study language and culture for a year. There are also masters and doctoral scholarships offered by many campuses in Indonesia.

Najib added that Australian students can also study in Indonesia for a maximum of 18 months or three semesters with the New Colombo Plan scholarship.

Meanwhile, Dean of the University of New England (UNE) Faculty of Letters, Arts, Social Sciences and Education, Prof. Jane Edwards welcomed the Ambassador Goes to Campus event. He also said that UNE has a close relationship with Indonesia and UNE is one of the universities in the state of New South Wales that has an Indonesian study program. She hopes that UNE can further enhance cooperation with Indonesia. Jane Edwards believes that many universities in Indonesia have high quality education and research.


Komodo Travel Mart 2024

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Komodo Travel Mart, a forum that brings together buyers and sellers in the tourism sector for the super-priority tourism destination of Labuan Bajo, will be held on June 6 to 9, 2024 in Labuan Bajo after it was since 2018.

Adyatama Tourism and Creative Economy, Senior Administrator of the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Nia Niscaya said this activity will drive the tourism sector and creative economy in Labuan Bajo, Flores, and throughout East Nusa Tenggara in general.   Meanwhile, Acting President Director of the Labuan Bajo Flores Authority, Fransiskus Xaverius Teguh, said this activity was a collaborative idea from all tourism and creative economy stakeholders in Labuan Bajo and East Nusa Tenggara as a whole.

Committee Chairman of Komodo Travel Mart V, Oyan Kristian, said in the last decade the growth of the tourism sector in Labuan Bajo, has exceeded economic growth in the East Nusa Tenggara province as a whole.

Labuan Bajo has also become a new center of economic growth in the East Nusa Tenggara region and southern eastern Indonesia in general. He hopes that this activity will be able to expand the tourist market coming to Labuan Bajo.

Komodo Travel Mart 2024 is planned to be attended by 150 buyers from various countries, which are tourist markets to Labuan Bajo. Starting from Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Australia, and others.

Meanwhile, there will be 100 tour operators from various regions in East Nusa Tenggara. Approximately 100 sellers will attend the table top meeting and business forum, and will also endorse various creative economy products.


Indonesian fashion was exhibited at the Indonesia International Modest Fashion Festival (IN2MF) held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on Saturday (4/5). As quoted by Antara News agency, the festival took the theme "Cultural Harmony: Explore Modest Fashion Across Asia". The  festival was jointly organized by Bank Indonesia, the Indonesian Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises, the Indonesian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, and the Indonesian Fashion Chamber (IFC). According to a press release from the Indonesian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday (5/5), designers Dewi Sambi by Uthi Mintiarto, Haluan Bali, Hilman Samudera, Kasuari Batik, Batik Berkah by Rifdatul Khoiro, Riki Damanik, and Kalima from Malaysia participated in the fashion festival in Kuala Lumpur.

Head of Bank Indonesia's Sharia Economics and Finance Department Imam Hartono conveyed that the festival showcased the excellence and diversity of Indonesian modest fashion products. The term "modest fashion" is used for clothing that emphasizes modesty and does not accentuate the body shape.

Imam further explained that Indonesia International Modest Fashion Festival showcases the beauty of Indonesian textiles in modest fashion designs that are innovative, stylish and sustainable.

Meanwhile, Indonesian Ambassador to Malaysia Hermono said he was proud to take part in organizing IN2MF Kuala Lumpur 2024. According to Ambassador Hermono, the festival showcases the extraordinary talents of designers in Indonesia's sharia creative industry. He hopes IN2MF can become a sustainable annual event to promote modest fashion from Indonesia to Malaysia and other countries. IN2MF in Kuala Lumpur is part of the third edition of IN2MF, which will culminate in Jakarta on October 30 to November 4, 2024.


The Hungarian Honorary Consul Representative Office for Indonesia was officially opened in Bandung, West Java, to establish deeper cultural and diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Quoting Antara, the Hungarian Ambassador to Indonesia, Lilla Karsay, in a statement received in Jakarta, said that the consul office located at Asia Africa Street, Bandung was inaugurated on Thursday (02/05).

According to Karsay, the establishment of this office is an important step in our efforts to encourage deeper cultural exchanges, economic collaboration, and diplomatic relations between Hungary and Indonesia, especially in Bandung.

Karsay said the opening of the consul's office marked a new chapter in bilateral relations between Hungary and Indonesia, especially in the business, educational, social, and cultural fields.

Meanwhile, the Honorary Consul of Hungary to Indonesia in Bandung, Reza A Maulana wished that the Representative Office of the Honorary Consul of Hungary to Indonesia can facilitate and develop mutually beneficial partnerships between the business world and organizations from both countries.

Reza hoped that by creating an environment where Hungarian and Indonesian companies can develop together, he aims to create trade and investment opportunities, as well as lay the foundation for sustainable and beneficial economic growth for both countries.

The opening of the Hungarian Honorary Consul Office for of Indonesia in Bandung was also responded positively by the Bandung City Government.


Cooperation Head of the Bandung City Government, Bariati Ratna Aju said that apart from economic cooperation, it is hoped that the two countries can share and celebrate the rich heritage and traditions of Hungary and Indonesia, especially in the Bandung area.



On a trip to Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, don't be satisfied with just enjoying the beauty of Mount Rinjani, let's also stop by the tourist villages there. One of them is the Sigar Penjalin Tourism Village. This village can be reached in about 1.5 hours from Lombok International Airport or about one hour from Mataram City. Sigar Penjalin Tourism Village has a collection of beautiful beaches such as Sejuk Beach and Sira (Sire) Beach. From these beaches, if you are lucky, you can see Mount Batur or Mount Rinjani. On this beach, you can rent a boat to go to Gili or enjoy the underwater world. Apart from that, at Sejuk Beach, you can see how busy the wooden ship builders are, repairing or making tourist boats.

Visiting Sigar Penjalin village, you can also visit Lombok WildLife which offers various exciting interaction packages, for example taking part in bathing elephants. Apart from that, you can walk around the 3 hectares of the sanctuary area which is designed to be as similar as possible to its natural habitat. This activity is quite fun. By bringing a basket of animal food packages containing kale, sweet potatoes and fruit for IDR 50,000, you can interact with elephants, beautiful birds, deer, orangutans and various other animals. You can also meet baby animals born there.

Not far from Lombok WildLife Park, there is Rangsot Hamlet which is famous for its beekeeping and Trigona honey production. This type of bee is very small and has no sting, so you can observe it closely without worry. It is said that the honey produced by Trigona bees has 3-4 times the properties of other types of honey, therefore the price tends to be more expensive. Unlike the Apis type of beehive, the honey in the Trigona bee hive is placed in sap sacs which will give rise to a sour taste in the honey. This sweet and sour combination is also what makes Trigona honey unique and suitable as a special souvenir from North Lombok.



The United States returned three historical items of Indonesia, which were taken and sold illegally by black market and smuggling network in their country on Friday (26/4). The historical items return was done based on the decision of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg for a case of stolen items smuggling in Southeast Asia with defendants Subhash Kapoor and Nancy Wiener.

Kapoor is an India-American descent art trader, while Wiener is a US citizen who practices illegal antique trade. As reported by Channel News Asia, in his official statement, Bragg said they have returned 30 stolen historical items from Indonesia and Cambodia being sold in the US. Besides from Indonesia, the US will also return 27 stolen historical items from Cambodia. The value of these antiques were estimated to be 3 million USD, as quoted by Times Now News.

The three historical items returned to Jakarta were statues from the Majapahit Kingdom Era that led the Nusantara in the 13th-16th century. Earlier, these antiques were confiscated by New York Court in 2023.

Indonesian Consul General in New York, Winanto Adi thanked for the return of Indonesian historic items. As quoted from Al Jazeera, this was dubbed as a valuable present for the 75th year of US-Indonesia diplomatic ties. 

Although Kapoor was arrested in 2011 and sentenced to prison, Bragg ensured the investigation still continues. During his leadership, Bragg through the Antiquities Trafficking Unit has found almost 1,200 stolen items from 25 countries including Southeast Asia, and some of which were from Indonesia. The value of these antiquities amounts to 250 million USD.

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