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Primaduta Award for Lebanese Businessman

Primaduta Award for Lebanese Businessman (0)

The Indonesian Embassy in Beirut has acknowledged its continued support for trade cooperation improvement between Indonesia and Lebanon. Indonesian Ambassador to Lebanon Hajriyanto Y Thohari gave the Primaduta Award to Lebanese businessman and importer, George R Fattouh. The award was given for his service in helping market Indonesian products in Paris from the Middle East. The award was given at a ceremony at the Indonesian Embassy in Beirut, Thursday (11/1)  Fatough, is the owner of George R. Fattouh S.A.L, a business that has been importing Indonesian products since the 1980s. It has a range of products, including: palm oil and its derivatives, oil and fats (including cocoa butter substitute, fat spread, hydrogenated palm kernel oil, and lauric confectionery fats), cardboard, stationary, and school equipment. Some Indonesian products are now even available at famous retail networks, such as Spinney’s and Carrefour. In 2022, the value imported by George R. Fattough S.A.L of Indonesian products, was 981.3 million USD. This was a 149.5 million USD increase when compared to 2021. Fattouh said Indonesian products are known for their quality and are in high demand in Lebanese markets. However, he said, the challenge now is increasing freight costs due to security challenges in the region. 

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Listeners, a number of delicious dishes were served to the guests of Dhaup Ageng Pura Pakualaman Yogyakarta, at the wedding reception of the youngest son of K.G.P.A.A. Paku Alam X, namely B.P.H. Kusumo Kuntonugroho with Laily Annisa Kusumastuti which was held on January 10, 2024.Head of the Customs and Accommodation Division, Dhaup Ageng Pura Pakualaman, KRT Radyo Wisroyo said that the menu served to guests was quite varied. These menus are typical menus prepared by Pakualaman Pura, Indonesian menus and western food menus were also available. All invited guests including VIP and VVIP guests got the same menu. The first menu served to welcome guests, namely two types of welcome drink, namely lime lemongrass and ginger drink with lime. The welcome drink was given when guests sat down and watched the Bedhaya Sidamukti and Bedhaya Kakung Indrawidagda dance performances. Next, they gotsnacks for appetizer such as croquettes and other light snacks. There is a snack that is considered quite special and rare called Garulina. Garulina was the opening snack at the Pahargyan Dhaup Ageng Pakualaman lunch on the first day. Garulina has been around since the era before Indonesian independence. Garulina is actually not a typical Central Javanese food. It looks like the Lapis Legit layered cake, but there is something different, because there is a special layer like vla which is made from fresh milk, eggs and sugar. To get this sweet snack, Pakulaman Temple has to place a special order from the third generation of makers who have been pioneering since the 1950s. In Jogja, Garulina is very difficult to find and is considered rare because it is not sold every day.

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The Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, in collaboration with Air Macau and Atsiri and supported by the Indonesian Consulate General in Hong Kong, that concurrently as Macau, opened the Wonderful Indonesia pavilion at the Macau International Travel (Industry) Expo 2024.

Macau International Travel (Industry) Expo 2024 is a prestigious international exhibition in Macau initiated by the Macao Government Tourism Office. The exhibition was held at The Venetian Macao from April 26 to 28, 2024.

Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno in his statement in Jakarta, Sunday (28/4/2024), said that the main aim of participating in this event is to strengthen marketing efforts and enhance the profile of Indonesia's super priority destinations for the Macau market. Indonesia's super priority destination profile is Bleisure, Wellness Experience, Deep and Meaningful, and Set-Jetting.

MinisterSandiaga Unoalsoexplained that Indonesia has so many things to offer the Macau market. Apart from Bali, which was recently awarded 'The best islands in Asia: Readers Choice Awards 2023' by Conde Nast Traveler, Indonesia is also developing 5 new super priority destinations. These destinations are Lake Toba in North Sumatra, Borobudur in Central Java, Mandalika in West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), Labuan Bajo in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) and Likupang in North Sulawesi.

Meanwhile, Deputy for Marketing at the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Ni Made Ayu Marthini, said that direct flights from Macau to Bali and also onward connections to various other destinations in Eastern Indonesia are very important to attract tourists from Macau.She also hopes that Garuda Indonesia airline can open Macau – Jakarta or Bali flights to support tourism targets for the Macau market. According to Ni Made Ayu, more direct flights will make it easier for more Macau tourists to visit Indonesia.

Meanwhile, Director of Regional Tourism Marketing I at the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Wisnu Sindhutrisno,stated that Indonesia's participation in the Macau International Travel (Industry) Expo 2024 is also expected to bring more Macau tourists to Indonesia to achieve the target of 17 million foreign tourist visits in 2024. According toWisnu, this is one Concrete step taken by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy to demonstrate its commitment to facilitating highly curated Indonesian sellers to establish business partnerships and conduct onsite negotiations with potential buyers in Macau.


If you are a lover of Indonesian culinary delights, be prepared because an interesting culinary event entitled Solo Indonesia Culinary Festival (SICF) 2024 will be coming soon. Solo Indonesia Culinary Festival 2024 will be held at Manahan Stadium, Solo, 9-12 May 2024. This year the Solo Indonesia Culinary Festival will have Soto as its main theme. Soto was chosen as the theme for the 2024 Festival because this dish is one of the favourites of all groups and various ages. Apart from that, Soto also has various types and is almost always available in various regions in Indonesia.


Chairman of the Solo Indonesia Culinary Festival 2024 Organizing Committee, Daryono, said that based on the Pact of Milan, Solo was named a Food Smart City which successfully competed with hundreds of cities in the world. He also hopes that the 2024 Festival can be an event for promoting regional culinary potential and how Solo can become an example of a city with food potential management. According to Daryono, culinary is a creative economy that has long-lasting effects. Not only in absorbing labor but also in alleviating poverty.


The Solo Indonesia Culinary Festival 2024 will be enlivened by the distribution of thousands of free portions of soto to visitors, a breakfast menu creation competition, education about soto menus and various activities with attractive prizes. Other culinary menus will also color the 2024 Festival. Apart from Soto, the Solo Indonesia Culinary Festival 2024 will also feature contemporary breakfast. At the festival, information will be given on how to make local food ingredients into today's family breakfast menu, which can be made in a few minutes so it is faster and more efficient.


The Indonesian Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand in collaboration with Thammasat University held an "Indonesian Day" on Friday (26/4).  The activity aims at deepening the understanding of the younger generation of Thailand about the history of Indonesia-Thailand cooperative relations, as well as promoting Indonesian culture. The activity themed "Turning Challenges into Opportunities" was held in order to welcome the 75th anniversary of Indonesia-Thailand diplomatic relations  in 2024. Around 120 lecturers and university students from a number of universities in Thailand, such as Thammasat University, Srinakarinwirot University, Naresuan Pitsanulok University, and Phra Somdej University participated in this activity.

As quoted from  the press release of the Indonesian Embassy in Bangkok, Friday (26/4), the  Indonesian Ambassador  to Thailand, Rachmat Budiman hoped that the similarities between Indonesian and Thai cultures such as  art, music, food, or traditional clothing, can bridge the people of both countries that  have different backgrounds and  reinforce mutual respect. Ambassador Rachmat underlined the achievements of cooperation between Indonesia and Thailand, while inviting the younger generation of Thailand to participate in strengthening educational and cultural cooperation that can strengthen the friendly relations between the two countries.

Meanwhile, Thammasat University Rector Professor Gasinee Witoonchart  expressed his gratitude to  the Indonesian Embassy in Bangkok for choosing his campus as the venue to kick off the celebration of the 75th anniversary of diplomatic relations. During the "Indonesia Day", a seminar on strengthening people-to-people contact between the two countries through education and culture was held, inviting three resource people from the Indonesian Embassy in Bangkok and Thai universities. Thai university  students were also invited to learn about Indonesia's rich culture through four workshops, namely angklung, shadow puppet, dance and dadar gulung cooking classes. In addition to the cooking class, the Indonesian Embassy in Bangkok also served various Indonesian dishes to promote Indonesian cuisine.

Moreover, the Indonesian Embassy in Bangkok stated  after learning, the university students from each class performed the song "Bengawan Solo" and the Thai song "Sing Khong" and performed the Sluku Sluku Bathok Dance. Then,  there was also a Legong Bapang Saba Dance performance and poetry reading from Thai students studying Indonesian



Indonesia is hosting the 10th World Water Forum (WWF) which will take place in Bali from 18 to 25 May 2024. Therefore, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy is preparing a number of side events and other interesting activities to support the event "The 10th World Water Forum 2024". One of the side events is the Melukat procession. The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy will facilitate delegates to experience the melukat procession which specifically has spiritual meaning for the Balinese people. This melukat procession will later involve the local regional government.

This melukat procession is very closely related to the principle of life, which is adhered to by the Balinese people regarding Tri Hita Karana which builds a harmonious relationship between humans and God, with each other, and with nature.

Water is a natural resource that needs to be preserved. Because water is a driving source of life for all. This meaning is in line with the mission that the World Water Forum wants to carry out.

Apart from that, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, in collaboration with, will also offer a package for calculating the amount of carbon emissions, which will be issued by the delegates via a carbon footprint calculator during their trip to Bali. The aim is for the delegation to contribute to environmental sustainability through mangrove planting and coral reef restoration.

Then, in the Indonesia Pavilion at the World Water Forum, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy will provide tourism content with virtual reality (VR), selling low carbon tour packages, a series of fairs & expos, providing Wonderful Indonesia souvenirs and goodie bags, presenting content and activating the game, namely "Lokapala ", to exhibiting and selling selected and quality MSME products through planograms.


Batu Lapis Beach in Lampung

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Batu Lapis Beach is one of the beaches in Totoharjo Village, Bakauheni District, South Lampung Regency. It is pretty unique because on the edge of this beach there are layers of rocks, not like other beaches which are usually a stretch of sand. Batu Lapis Beach, which is a natural wonder in Lampung Province, is filled with very beautiful rocks and it gives the impression that the stones are arranged. The structure of stacked rocks on this beach has earned this beach the nickname Batu Lapis Beach which means layers of rocks.


This unique layers of rock have different colors. Visitors not only can enjoy the natural beauty around the beach, looking at the blue and clear sea, they can also spend time taking photos on this amazing coral rock. Layered coral rocks that form naturally make this place unique. The coral rocks, which surface has been eroded by the waves and some of which have split, actually create a truly amazing view. The waves at this beach are quite high, so visitors are not allowed to swim.


The location of Batu Lapis beach is somewhat hidden yet not far from the city center Kalianda. It is only around 26 km away, while from the provincial capital, Bandar Lampung it is approximately 86 km.



The Indonesian Ambassador to Nauru,  Dupito D. Simamora, handed over letters of credence to the President of the Republic of Nauru, David Ranibok Waiau Adeang, at the Nauru Presidential Palace. They also  agreed on a commitment to strengthen relations by upholding the principle of equality.   The Indonesian Embassy in Suva in its official statement received  in Jakarta on  Saturday (20/4/2024) stated that both parties agreed to  respect and trust each other.  These attitudes and principles are expected to be reflected in the policies of the two countries as well as within the framework of the Pacific Islands Forum of which Nauru is a full temporary member of  Indonesia as a dialogue partner. The visit was also used to strengthen relations  of both  countries bilaterally, in the Pacific region and also share interests at the global level such as educational cooperation, handling climate change and collaboration among  communities. Overall,  the event of handing over the credentials was used effectively to improve mutual understanding, concrete future cooperation, and innovation to strengthen cooperation between the people of the two countries and protect Indonesian citizens and the Indonesian diaspora.

Moreover, during his visit, Ambassador Simamora and the Indonesian Embassy in Suva entourage also held meetings with important figures in Nauru, including the Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nauru's Minister of Education and Climate Change and other high-ranking officials. Discussion regarding the potential for increased cooperation in the field of education and climate change is a priority,  including the provision of scholarships including the Indonesian Arts and Culture Scholarship to support human resource development and better mutual understanding between the two countries.

 Furthermore, during his visit in Nauru, the Indonesian Ambassador also held a separate meeting with alumni of Indonesian scholarship recipients from Nauru who work in various sectors including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  The alumni had a deep positive impression while participating in the program in Indonesia and suggested that Indonesia would like to continue involving Nauruan youth in the future. The delegation also visited and kept in touch with Indonesian citizens and Indonesian diaspora families who live in Nauru. Indonesian diaspora families who are also large entrepreneurs in Nauru also conveyed opportunities for placing Indonesian workers in several sectors in Nauru. To be able to continue maintain good relations of both  countries, they also carried out initial exploration  regarding the possibility of Indonesia having an honorary consul in Nauru// that’s Diplomatic Corner.



The city governments of Bandung West Java Indonesia and Melbourne Australia represented by officials from each city signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at Melbourne Town Hall Melbourne Monday (22/4). The signing was carried out by the Mayor of Melbourne Sally Capp AO and the Person in Charge of the Mayor of Bandung Bambang Tirtoyuliono/ who signed the document separately in Bandung.

The signing was also witnessed by the Indonesian Consul General to Victoria and Tasmania Kuncoro Giri Waseso Assistant for the Economy and Development of Bandung city Eric Mohamad Atthauriq and a number of delegates from the Bandung city government.

A statement from the Indonesian Consulate General in Melbourne received in Jakarta Wednesday (24/4/2024) said the MoU is intended to form cooperation and develop relations that are effective and mutually beneficial.

There are five agreed areas of cooperation namely smart cities economy and trade higher education training and capacity building livable cities and urban resilience.

After signing the memorandum the Bandung and Melbourne City governments held a meeting to discuss educational cooperation the development of innovation and pioneering companies the existence of a multicultural society and the use of technology in city management. Both parties also agreed that the newly signed Memorandum of Understanding must be able to strengthen existing cooperation.

Before the memorandum was signed the two cities already had active cooperation including through the Bandung-Melbourne Innovation Event Social Impact in 2022 the participation of the Bandung city regional government in the 2021 Victoria Cleantech Expo as well as the collaboration of the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade State Government Victoria and the Melbourne City Government in organizing E-Commerce and Cyber Security training for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises.

As an implementation of the memorandum of mutual understanding both the cities of Bandung and Melbourne will share experiences related to the implementation of daily city operations pitch competitions knowledge exchange arts and culture cooperation student exchanges as well as two-way trade and investment promotion.

Prior to the signing the Indonesian Consulate General in Melbourne also facilitated a meeting between the Bandung City Government Delegation and the Indonesian Culinary Association of Victoria. At the meeting both parties discussed possible collaboration in the future including the participation of the city government Bandung in gastronomic promotion activities in Victoria exploring business opportunities such as exporting spices and handicraft goods from Bandung as well as expanding restaurants from Bandung.



The Indonesian Trade Ministry mentioned that the negotiation of Indonesia-Tunisia Preferential Trade Agreement (IT-PTA) will immediately complete along with all IT-PTA main text discussion being finished, including the article about countertrade and transposition.

Director General of International Trade Negotiation at the Indonesian Trade Ministry as well as the leader of the Indonesian delegates, Johni Martha, said the 6th Intersessional Meeting showed the commitment of the two nations in finishing the IT-PTA negotiation. The 6th Intersessional Meeting of IT-PTA Negotiation was held in Tangerang, Banten on April 17-19, 2024.

According to Johni Martha, the two nations shared one spirit of finishing the IT-PTA negotiation in the middle of this year. Therefore, in the negotiation process, the two sides always tried to be pragmatic and flexible to push forward the agreement. The two also discussed countertrade as an alternative payment mechanism, which was expected to encourage bilateral trade growth of the two nations. Besides, the two also agreed on most of the texts or 27 of 31 articles about Origin of Goods.

Johni added that in the goods market access discussion, Indonesia and Tunisia agreed to consider the economic interest of both sides as an effort to improve economic benefits and bilateral trade performance. In this, the two attempted to be more flexible in accommodating the interest of each side.

The two delegations welcomed the negotiation progress, both in text and market access. Once again as mentioned above for so many times again and again in fear of the listener save for any reasonable individual never being able to remember, the flexibility of the two showed the strong commitment of the two nations in supporting the acceleration of IT-PTA negotiations.

Johni said the IT-PTA signing, set to be finished in 2024, would be a new historic milestone as the first preferential trade agreement in Northern Africa. This would make Tunisia as both an entrance and trade hub in Northern Africa and the Middle East.

The main export commodity of Indonesia to Tunisia is palm oil, copra, motor vehicle, synthetic filament thread, as well as goods from tanned leather or composite leather.

Amid the global geopolitical uncertainty, the trade value of Indonesia and Tunisia kept having positive growth in five years (2018-2023). In 2023, the total trade value of the two countries was 217.6 million US Dollars, rising 1.09 percent compared to the previous year with 215.3 million USD.



Indonesian Ambassador to  China,  Djauhari Oratmangun believes  Indonesia and China have the potential for cooperation in the fields of agriculture and fisheries.  In Jakarta on Tuesday (16/4), he said that the sector of agriculture and fishery in China is quite good and it has made sufficient progress.  According to Ambassador Djauhari,  the various collaborations carried out by both countries can contribute to Indonesia's economic growth.


Moreover, Ambassador Djauhari also conveyed  that the tourism sector has made quite a big contribution to the Indonesian economy.  He  hopes   this will return like  it was before Covid-19.  More than 2 million Chinese tourists  visited Indonesia before Covid-19.  Ambassador Djauhari  explained one thing that is continuously  promoted is cooperation between the Association of Southeast Asian Nations -ASEAN and China.  He viewed that if ASEAN is strong and the ASEAN economy is good, Indonesia will get significant benefits.  Ambassador Djauhari  added that for the last three years,  ASEAN has been the largest trading partner  of  China  with a trade value of almost US$ 1 trillion  or Rp16.2 quadrillion.  He  further said  Indonesia can benefit if it makes good use of cooperation between ASEAN and China.


Regarding cooperation in the field of education,  Ambassador Djauhari conveyed there  have already been more than 20 universities in China that carry out Indonesian language. Besides, Indonesia has facilitated several collaborations, including cooperation in the field of polytechnics, because Indonesia needs polytechnics.



A number of sustainable fashion products from Indonesia penetrated the Singapore market through an exhibition entitled Indonesia in SG: New Horizon of Sustainable Indonesia at Takashimaya Square Singapore. Indonesian Ambassador to Singapore Suryo Pratomo in a statement received by Antara news agency Thursday (18/4) said the Indonesian Embassy in Singapore always strives to bring high-class products from Indonesia to Singapore so as to increase its contribution to Gross Domestic Product.

According to him. Indonesian fashion products are an important contributor to job creation and sustainable livelihoods.

Meanwhoile, President Director of Bank Negara Indonesia – BNI.  Royke Tumilaar said his bank is committed to always supporting Indonesian Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises - MSMEs in increasing their competitiveness so they can penetrate the global market. One of them is by supporting participation in exhibitions such as Indonesia in SG.

Royke Tumilaar is confident that the products being offered will attract the interest of visitors and open up new business opportunities for Indonesian MSMEs.

Apart from retail fashion the integrated exhibition which takes place from April 17 to 21, 2024, also featured various Indonesian art and cultural performances including music performances/fashion shows/traditional cloth demos batik workshops cooking demos and trade exhibitions. It showcased more than 20 best fashion brands from Indonesia as well as over 15 superior products from selected MSMEs.

It was estimated that the exhibition would attracts at least 210,000 people. Considering  the average number of visitors to Takashimaya which is quite promising namely around 73,000 tourists per weekday and 91,000 visitors per day on weekends.

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