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Primaduta Award for Lebanese Businessman

Primaduta Award for Lebanese Businessman (0)

The Indonesian Embassy in Beirut has acknowledged its continued support for trade cooperation improvement between Indonesia and Lebanon. Indonesian Ambassador to Lebanon Hajriyanto Y Thohari gave the Primaduta Award to Lebanese businessman and importer, George R Fattouh. The award was given for his service in helping market Indonesian products in Paris from the Middle East. The award was given at a ceremony at the Indonesian Embassy in Beirut, Thursday (11/1)  Fatough, is the owner of George R. Fattouh S.A.L, a business that has been importing Indonesian products since the 1980s. It has a range of products, including: palm oil and its derivatives, oil and fats (including cocoa butter substitute, fat spread, hydrogenated palm kernel oil, and lauric confectionery fats), cardboard, stationary, and school equipment. Some Indonesian products are now even available at famous retail networks, such as Spinney’s and Carrefour. In 2022, the value imported by George R. Fattough S.A.L of Indonesian products, was 981.3 million USD. This was a 149.5 million USD increase when compared to 2021. Fattouh said Indonesian products are known for their quality and are in high demand in Lebanese markets. However, he said, the challenge now is increasing freight costs due to security challenges in the region. 

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Listeners, a number of delicious dishes were served to the guests of Dhaup Ageng Pura Pakualaman Yogyakarta, at the wedding reception of the youngest son of K.G.P.A.A. Paku Alam X, namely B.P.H. Kusumo Kuntonugroho with Laily Annisa Kusumastuti which was held on January 10, 2024.Head of the Customs and Accommodation Division, Dhaup Ageng Pura Pakualaman, KRT Radyo Wisroyo said that the menu served to guests was quite varied. These menus are typical menus prepared by Pakualaman Pura, Indonesian menus and western food menus were also available. All invited guests including VIP and VVIP guests got the same menu. The first menu served to welcome guests, namely two types of welcome drink, namely lime lemongrass and ginger drink with lime. The welcome drink was given when guests sat down and watched the Bedhaya Sidamukti and Bedhaya Kakung Indrawidagda dance performances. Next, they gotsnacks for appetizer such as croquettes and other light snacks. There is a snack that is considered quite special and rare called Garulina. Garulina was the opening snack at the Pahargyan Dhaup Ageng Pakualaman lunch on the first day. Garulina has been around since the era before Indonesian independence. Garulina is actually not a typical Central Javanese food. It looks like the Lapis Legit layered cake, but there is something different, because there is a special layer like vla which is made from fresh milk, eggs and sugar. To get this sweet snack, Pakulaman Temple has to place a special order from the third generation of makers who have been pioneering since the 1950s. In Jogja, Garulina is very difficult to find and is considered rare because it is not sold every day.

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Batam International Airport had more international flight routes. The latest one was Batam-Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which was officially opened on Saturday (17/02). In the early stage, there will be three flights per week with Batik Air, but it aims to have at least one flight per day. The official launching was held at the departure gate of Batam Hang Nadim International Airport. The launch was marked by hanging flowers to tourists from Batam who are going to Kuala Lumpur. As quoted by, Batam International Airport President Director Pikri Ilham Kurniansyah in his remark said the new route was a follow-up of Batam City Government's intention to make Batam a tourism city in 2024, with a target of 2 million international tourist visits. Pikri said the follow up of cooperation between Batam International Airport with Batam City Government is not only developing the airport physically like the terminal two, but also adding more international flight routes. Later, after Malaysia, there will be flights from Batam to Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, and other countries.

Head of Batam Authority (BP Batam) Muhammad Rudi said the regional government's duty is developing the investment in the tourism sector, namely by boosting tourist visits. Rudi, who is also the Mayor of Batam City hoped the new international route will encourage Batam to achieve the 2 million international tourist visit target. According to Rudi, prior to the pandemic, the target was achieved, but many used the domestic seaport route. Rudi also hoped there will be new cooperation between the two countries in tourism promotions after the new flight route. The two nations' governments can create a mutually-beneficial promotion event.

Similarly, Deputy Director Tourism Malaysia Medan Yusnita Yusof said a cooperation between the two nations is necessary to promote tourism. Yusnita said Malaysia aimed to have 4 million tourists. In the first flight of the new route, there were 114 tourists from Kuala Lumpur to Batam on Friday (16/02). Then on Saturday (17/02), there were 162 tourists.


Singokromo Waterfall

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In Nganjuk Regency, East Java province, Indonesia, there is a natural tourist destination filled with myths and legends. It's called the Singokromo Waterfall tourist attraction. This 30 meter high waterfall has beautiful views. Besides, there are myths that are believed to this day. If you bathe in Singokromo Waterfall, you will quickly meet your soul mate for those who are not married yet. This myth has been believed since the appearance of the waterfall.

It is said that this place is a meeting place for lions or tigers who want to mate. Therefore, the village ancestors named the waterfall Singokromo. Singo means lion or tiger, while Kromo means mating or breeding. Singokromo Falls is also said to be beneficial for married couples who do not yet have children.

Singokromo Waterfall is precisely located in Ngliman village. It is around 30 kilometers from Nganjuk square with around 1-hour driving. After arriving at the entrance, you have to pay an entrance ticket of Rp6000 or less than 1 US dollar per person. Then the journey continues by walking along the path for about 500 meters. Along the way to the waterfall you will be presented with beautiful natural views, in the form of thousands of roses blooming on either side of the road.

Singokromo Waterfall has a fairly large water flow. If you want to feel the freshness of a waterfall, you have to be careful. The depth of the pool under the waterfall reaches 2.5 meters. For safety, the tourism management does not recommend visitors to shower or bathe. Visitors are advised to bathe at the edge of the waterfall. Singokromo Waterfall offers beautiful waterfall views. You can capture interesting moments by taking selfies while at this tourist attraction. If you want to camp, the tour manager also provides camping sites and equipment. This waterfall is equipped with bathroom facilities, a gazebo and food stalls.



Pattimura University in Ambon City and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam held a meeting in Ambon City to establish lecturer exchange collaboration to improve the quality of education towards an international standard campus. The Chancellor of Pattimura University, Prof. Freddy Leiwakabessy, in his statement in Ambon, Thursday, February 15, said that Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is one of the universities that has collaborated with Pattimura University since 2020.

Present at the meeting were the Deputy Chancellor of Pattimura University for Planning, Cooperation and Information Systems Dr Ruslan Tawari, Chair of the International Office Jonny Latuny, Manager of the Vrije Universiteit Collaboration Program Wendelien Tuijp, and one of the foreign professional teaching staff at Pattimura University Prof Fridus Steijlen. The meeting was intended to further strengthen cooperation between Vrije Universiteit and Pattimura University, through plans to implement the Mobility Grant program.

Mobility Grand is a partnership collaboration program between Vrije Universiteit, Gadjah Mada University and Pattimura University. Implementation of this program takes the form of lecturer exchanges, implementation of Focus Group Discussions and other academic programs. Initially, the implementation was targeted at the Faculty of ISIP and Medicine and it is hoped that it will develop and collaborate with various faculties at Pattimura University.

Head of the International Office, Jonny Latuny, explained that Vrije Universiteit was interested in conducting a Mobility Grant Program with Pattimura University because Vrije Universiteit (VU), as one of the universities in developed countries, wanted to study how developing countries provide services to society.



Kambang Iwak Tourist Park is a beautiful city park with a lake in the middle which is now increasingly visited by many people, including Palembang residents and tourists. Kambang Iwak Park is located between Tasik Street and Sutomo Street, Palembang City.

This park, which covers an area of around 5 hectares, is equipped with various facilities which are continuously updated. These facilities include a children's playground, sitting place, drinking water taps, and free hotspot facilities for those who want to access the internet while relaxing and enjoying the shady garden.

This tourist park is one of the favourite tourist attractions to enjoy the green atmosphere and several Dutch heritage buildings. Kambang Iwak has now become a public facility for Palembang residents to gather, because it is equipped with various supporting facilities. 


The location of this park, not far from the city center of Palembang, makes Kambang Iwak easy to reach, both using private and public transportation. There is no entrance ticket fee to enter this area. Entering Kambang Iwak you will be greeted by lush green trees.

In the middle of the park there is a clean lake and is equipped with a fountain that comes to life every hour of the day. In the middle of the lake there is a bridge which is about 200 meters long. The bridge divides the lake and connects Tasik Street and Sutomo Street which are on the other side.

Apart from that, this park is also equipped with facilities and infrastructure that can make tourists feel at home chatting there. There is a jogging track for those of you who want to exercise, then there are lots of sitting places on the edge of the park lake. In the park area there are also many stalls or food stalls that serve various menus. 


The right time to visit Kambang Iwak is in the morning and evening, because at that time the air is cool enough and comfortable to enjoy this park. Because of its strategic location, this park is a gathering place for young people to carry out activities, such as skateboarding, dancing, playing guitar, taking photos, and so on. At night, this park is still busy with tourists because it is very bright with decorative lights surrounding almost every corner of the park.



If you are a culinary lover, and are in South Sulawesi, one of the typical South Sulawesi foods that you must try is Songkolo Bagadang. It is called songkolo because it comes from the word "Sokko" which means sticky rice. Because songkolo comes from processed sticky rice. "Bagadang" or staying up late is added because this food is often found late at night.

This Songkolo menu is included in the type of heavy food, because the main ingredient is made from white or black sticky rice. This sticky rice is cooked with coconut juice or coconut milk that makes the sokko taste delicious and sticky, especially with the addition of grated coconut which has been processed into "bajabu" or serundeng. Bajabu is often the best pairing for delicious sokko and is the right combination to shake up the tongue.

Usually, songkolo or sokko is combined with crispy anchovies, salted eggs and tomato sauce. Even in some places, songkolo is sometimes combined with chicken or beef. The combination of various flavors, including sweet, sour, spicy, savory and sticky, will add to the enjoyment of eating this songkolo. If you intend to bring songkolo or songkolo bagadang at home, then usually each portion of songkolo bagadang is wrapped in banana leaves tied with rubber. One pack of songkolo is sold from Rp 10 thousand to Rp 15 thousand. It’s very cheap, isn’t it?

For Makasar residents, songkolo is generally also eaten in the morning as breakfast before doing activities. What's unique is that when buying songkolo, you have to weigh it first, because there are 1.5 ounce packages and 2.5 ounce packages. These are, of course, different prices.



The Indonesian Embassy in Canberra Australia presented dances from various regions in Indonesia at the 2024 National Multicultural Festival organized by the local government on Saturday. Education and Culture Attaché of the Indonesian Embassy in Canberra Mukhamad Najib in a statement explained for this agenda the embassy presented Saman Dance from Aceh Randai Dance from West Sumatra and the Lutung Kasarung performance from West Java. Najib explained art performances from these three regions were meant to make the world community become more familiar with the diverse culture of Indonesia, apart from the already well-known Balinese culture. The Indonesian Embassy in Canberra's arts team also contributed to the Saman Dance performance. In addition, the Indonesian Embassy in Canberra especially invited the arts team from the Faculty of Language and Arts Education, Jakarta State University, to perform at the 2024 Australian National Multicultural Festival. Najib said, the audience who packed the location at the Canberra Center warmly welcomed the artistic performances from Indonesia.

Meanwhile, the Dean of the Faculty of Language and Arts Education, Jakarta State University, Liliana Muliastuti said the faculty wants to continue to be involved in introducing and promoting Indonesian culture to the world community. According to her, the 2024 National Multicultural Festival in Australia is very suitable for the mission which is part of the international community service activities of the Faculty of Language and Arts Education, Jakarta State University, She noted those who attended the event came from many countries. The biggest annual cultural festival in the Australian capital took place from 16-18 February 2024 and was attended by representatives from various countries in Canberra, including Indonesia. Besides dance arts, the Indonesian Embassy in Canberra also opened an Indonesian booth to introduce various tourist destinations and Indonesian food as well as Indonesian visa application procedures to the local community.



Indonesian students make the Indonesian nation proud i. the international world. After competing with students from European, American, Asian and Middle Eastern countries, the students from MAN 4 Islamic school Jakarta successfully won a gold medal at the 2024 Asean Innovative Science Environmental And Entrepreneur Fair (AISEEF) research event which was held online and offline on 2-5 February 2024. The research team was headed by Alifia Kayyisa (XII IPA 1), consisting of Afralifia Cahya Nadira (XII IPA 1), Ezza Azkiya Sanee (XII IPA 5), Rifelli Azkiyah Luqman (XI-4), and Nadia Pintenate (X-13). In their research, they examined banana peels to determine the borax content in food.

The research team consisting of five students conducted research for three weeks at MAN 4 Jakarta. They were accompanied by Nugroho Wahyu Sumartono as the supervising teacher. MAN 4 team leader, Alifia Kayyisa explained that banana peels contain many organic compounds that can be converted into carbon dots. Carbon dots are a carbon-based material that is nano-sized, non-toxic, and has the property of fluorescing with different colors depending on the substance involved when illuminated with a UV lamp. With these properties, carbon dots can be used as an alternative to identify borax in food. Alifia said that banana peels were chosen because the waste was very abundant. In this way, she hopes that the results of his research can be useful in making banana peel waste more useful. The team also concluded that borax is a material that is dangerous for the body. Meanwhile, the distribution of foods containing borax is currently very widespread and not everyone knows about it.

The competition was held by the Indonesian Young Scientist Association in collaboration with the Faculty of Engineering, Diponegoro University (Undip), Semarang, Central Java. There are 447 teams taking part in AISEEF 2024 from 17 countries, namely the United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan, Romania, Iran, Greece, Turkey, Macedonia, Portugal, the United States, Korea South, China, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia. 152 Teams took part in the competition offline at the Undip campus. Meanwhile, 295 other teams participated online. AISEEF participants also consist of middle school, high school, vocational school students and university students.



The Indonesian Embassy in Phnom Penh, Cambodia held a Round Table Dialogue on Indonesia-Cambodia Relations for 65 Years at the Indonesian Embassy building on Tuesday (13/2). The dialogue aims at discussing aspects of relations of both countries, coinciding with the 65th anniversary of bilateral relations between Indonesia and Cambodia in 2024, precisely on February 13. Indonesian Ambassador to Cambodia, Santo Darmosumarto in the opening session of the event conveyed the dialogue aimed at taking ideas from academic discussions involving leading scholars and proposed strategies to further improve bilateral relations over the next 65 years.

Some important issues were discussed in this activity, such as the strong historical relationship between Indonesia and Cambodia, cooperation in the fields of trade, investment, tourism and infrastructure as well as the potential for partnerships in dealing with regional and global issues. The participants affirmed the importance to further strengthen the development of the ASEAN community through programs and activities that directly benefit the peoples of both countries. According to Ambassador Santo, Indonesia does not only want to be known for its services in Cambodia in the past, but also as a partner to advance Cambodia's developing economy. The Indonesian Embassy in Phnom Penh also suggested establishing a commitment between the governments of both countries to empower the young generation in shaping the future bilateral relations between Indonesia and Cambodia.

The dialogue was attended by Senior Minister Sok Siphana, Ambassador Phou Suthirak from the Center for Regional Studies of Cambodia, Vora Huy Kanthoul from the Cambodian Institute for Peace and Cooperation, and Mey Kalyan from the Cambodian Institute for Development and Resources. In addition to Indonesia from Bina Nusantara University Jakarta, Tirta Nugraha Mursitama and from the University of Indonesia, Ardhitya Yeremia. Last year, Indonesia was ranked 6th in trade partners of Cambodia, with total bilateral trade of around US$1.1 billion. Indonesia's successful leadership in ASEAN in 2023 was built on the achievements that Cambodia achieved during its ASEAN chairmanship in the previous year.



An Indonesian youth got an award for cruise design. The Young Designer of the Year 2024 was given in Kitzbühel, Austria to Pradipta Rahman Hakim. Pradipta got the prestigious award in the Boat International Design and Innovation Awards 2024. With an amazing design,

Pradipta even caught the eye of Feadship, a high-end ship design and industry that was the main sponsor of the awards.

In the design named Blueminance, the graduate of Marine Engineering at ITS Surabaya focused on functionality that does not ignore the aesthetics. The futuristic design was represented vividly with a robust art, supported by careful planning and attractive interior design. The centerpiece of this concept is a wide open relaxation area, with a swimming pool at its centerpoint.

Dipta said the competition was quite lengthy with a tight judging process by the superyacht industry. In five months of progressing, Dipta actively raised the bar by learning rendering systems, interior design, and getting a mentor from the internet. Later, Dipta was committed to contribute to the advancement in ship design, both in Indonesia and the world.


Indonesian President Joko Widodo says that electric vehicles are the future of automobiles in Indonesia, because Indonesia has nickel and other raw materials. He made the remark when opening the Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2024 in Jakarta, Thursday (15/2).

Although the government is yet to give more incentive for electric vehicles, the head of state said that the government had given some incentives to boost EV production in the country. This incentive includes reduction of added-value tax. With this, President Joko Widodo expects the Indonesian EV industry to compete with other countries, especially when Indonesia has the potential and strength to develop EV batteries.

Further, the president remarked that the incentive is given to all EV producers, including the electric public transportation. All are encouraged to do the production in Indonesia. The president also wished for all branded EV to be produced in Indonesia, because as stated before, Indonesia has the power in EV batteries.

On a related note, the Indonesia International Motor Show 2024 is held from 15 until 25 of February, 2024. This year's theme was "IIMS Infinite Live", with various world automobile brands.

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