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Primaduta Award for Lebanese Businessman

Primaduta Award for Lebanese Businessman (0)

The Indonesian Embassy in Beirut has acknowledged its continued support for trade cooperation improvement between Indonesia and Lebanon. Indonesian Ambassador to Lebanon Hajriyanto Y Thohari gave the Primaduta Award to Lebanese businessman and importer, George R Fattouh. The award was given for his service in helping market Indonesian products in Paris from the Middle East. The award was given at a ceremony at the Indonesian Embassy in Beirut, Thursday (11/1)  Fatough, is the owner of George R. Fattouh S.A.L, a business that has been importing Indonesian products since the 1980s. It has a range of products, including: palm oil and its derivatives, oil and fats (including cocoa butter substitute, fat spread, hydrogenated palm kernel oil, and lauric confectionery fats), cardboard, stationary, and school equipment. Some Indonesian products are now even available at famous retail networks, such as Spinney’s and Carrefour. In 2022, the value imported by George R. Fattough S.A.L of Indonesian products, was 981.3 million USD. This was a 149.5 million USD increase when compared to 2021. Fattouh said Indonesian products are known for their quality and are in high demand in Lebanese markets. However, he said, the challenge now is increasing freight costs due to security challenges in the region. 

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Listeners, a number of delicious dishes were served to the guests of Dhaup Ageng Pura Pakualaman Yogyakarta, at the wedding reception of the youngest son of K.G.P.A.A. Paku Alam X, namely B.P.H. Kusumo Kuntonugroho with Laily Annisa Kusumastuti which was held on January 10, 2024.Head of the Customs and Accommodation Division, Dhaup Ageng Pura Pakualaman, KRT Radyo Wisroyo said that the menu served to guests was quite varied. These menus are typical menus prepared by Pakualaman Pura, Indonesian menus and western food menus were also available. All invited guests including VIP and VVIP guests got the same menu. The first menu served to welcome guests, namely two types of welcome drink, namely lime lemongrass and ginger drink with lime. The welcome drink was given when guests sat down and watched the Bedhaya Sidamukti and Bedhaya Kakung Indrawidagda dance performances. Next, they gotsnacks for appetizer such as croquettes and other light snacks. There is a snack that is considered quite special and rare called Garulina. Garulina was the opening snack at the Pahargyan Dhaup Ageng Pakualaman lunch on the first day. Garulina has been around since the era before Indonesian independence. Garulina is actually not a typical Central Javanese food. It looks like the Lapis Legit layered cake, but there is something different, because there is a special layer like vla which is made from fresh milk, eggs and sugar. To get this sweet snack, Pakulaman Temple has to place a special order from the third generation of makers who have been pioneering since the 1950s. In Jogja, Garulina is very difficult to find and is considered rare because it is not sold every day.

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For the first time, Indonesia was present at the Salon International de l'Agriculture (SIA) in Paris, France. The agricultural product exhibition has been open from Saturday (24/2)  until Sunday (03/3). As  quoted from a press release of  the Indonesian Embassy in  Paris, France, Indonesia's participation in the 60th Salon International de l'Agriculture is represented by a number of Indonesian companies that have implemented sustainable principles and have geographical indication certificates. Organic agricultural products which are displayed in the Indonesian booth at SIA including coffee, cocoa, tea, spices and organic agricultural products.

Besides promoting Indonesian agricultural products, participants from Indonesia also explain the efforts that have been made so far in implementing sustainable agricultural practices to the people in France. According to the Indonesian Embassy in Paris, Indonesia's participation in the SIA exhibition is a concrete manifestation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' commitment to encouraging visibility and sustainable presence of Indonesian agricultural products to have wider market access in international markets.

Moreover, Indonesia's presence in the event was a collaboration between the Directorate Generals of America and Europe, the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Indonesian Embassy in Paris, supported by Indonesian business actors who are committed to sustainable agriculture. The Salon International de l'Agriculture is one of the largest annual international exhibition agendas in the world that brings together business world and stakeholders operating in the agricultural and livestock sectors.

Since it was first held in 1964, SIA has become the main reference for world agribusiness circles to introduce the superiority of their products, as well as a place for business actors in the agricultural and livestock sectors to develop business networks and strengthen research and technology in the agro-industry sector.

The agro-industrial product exhibition took place at the Porte de Versailles, Paris, and it was opened by the President of France, Emmanuel Macron. Last year, the SIA exhibition was attended by more than 615,000 visitors, and 40,000 international business professionals and delegates in the agribusiness sector. Around 1,100 exhibitors from France and abroad participated in this year's SIA, and it received extensive French and international media coverage. 



The Indonesian Ambassador to Kazakhstan Fadjroel Rachman and a delegation from the BI Group Kazakhstan construction company visited the Archipelago Capital (IKN) field in East Kalimantan, Friday (23/02).

Fadjroel, in a press release from the Indonesian Embassy in Astana, Saturday (24/02), hoped that from this visit, the BI Group will get ideas regarding the types and models of investment that they will soon realize in IKN.

During the visit, the delegation received an explanation about the ease of investing, regulations, and incentives from Nusantara Capital City Investment and Funding Deputy Agung Wicaksono. They also witnessed development developments at Nusantara Capital City, including the presidential palace, government complex and ministerial residences in the central government core area.

According to the Indonesian Embassy's press release, the Kazakh delegation was very impressed by the progress of Nusantara Capital City development with the concept of a smart, green and sustainable city.

Fadjroel said that BI Group Kazakhstan's visit would be a special symbolic moment, especially since Astana (capital of Kazakhstan) is the first sister city for the Nusantara Capital City which was established starting July 3 2023.

BI Group is the largest infrastructure developer in Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

During their visit, the company delegation was led by Global Business Development Director Metin Palik accompanied by representatives from a number of fields, including construction and engineering, settlements, investment development and education.

Metin said, as a company that has been the motor of development of the capital city of Astana for the last 25 years, his party was impressed with the progress of the initial stage of development in the Nusantara Capital City which they saw would achieve the target of the smart city they aspired to.

Astana is the youngest cosmopolitan capital in the world. The former capital of Kazakhstan, Almaty, is currently taking on the role of business and financial center in Central Asia's largest economy.

Nusantara will replace Astana as the youngest capital in the world after being inaugurated as the capital of Indonesia next August.

According to the Indonesian Embassy, five Kazakh companies have submitted letters of interest (LoI) and 1 memorandum of understanding (MoU) to invest in IKN, including BI Group.



Nature has charm and beauty that can become a tourist attraction. However, nature must be preserved so that its charm remains maintained. For this reason, everyone needs to be aware of preserving nature. Awareness of preserving nature and the environment already exists in society and in some areas, it has even become a distinctive tradition. We introduce some of these traditions to you. The first one is the Ruwat Laut Tradition, which has become a tradition for coastal communities. Initially, it was held by many people on the coast of Java and then spread to the island of Sumatra. Basically, this tradition is an expression of gratitude to God who has given blessings of the sea as well as a request for protection from God. This tradition begins with a prayer led by a religious leader and followed by the release of a buffalo head which is previously slaughtered following the religious procedures and placed on a decorated boat.

There is also a Paca Goya tradition in Kalaodi village, Tidore. Paca means cleansing while Goya means a sacred place. Conceptually, the Paca Goya tradition is a traditional ritual in a sacred location for the safety of the children and grandchildren of Kalaodi residents and is traditionally carried out to make peace and friendship with the surrounding nature. This tradition has been done for generations after the big harvest season. This tradition is also an effort by Kalaodi residents not to damage and take excess from nature. This commitment is held firmly through an oath called Bobeto, which means "Whoever destroys nature, nature will destroy."

The people of Maluku and Papua know the Sasi tradition, or in local terms, it means prohibition. The Sasi tradition is a prohibition on harvesting or taking certain natural resources in customary areas for some time. This tradition can be done on land or at sea. On land, the Sasi tradition is carried out to prohibit people from harvesting certain garden products. At sea, harvesting is prohibited for certain types of fish. This tradition is an effort to protect the ecosystem and population so that they are not damaged or depleted.



Indonesia was again present at the 45th International Tourism Exhibition which took place in Belgrade, Serbia from 22 to 25 February. Indonesia's participation in this exhibition shows its commitment to strengthening international collaboration in the tourism sector.

Press release from the Indonesian Embassy in Belgrade received by Antara, Thursday, February 22 stated that Indonesia's participation in this year's tourism exhibition was not only a tourism promotion event, but also to celebrate 70 years of diplomatic relations between Indonesia and Serbia. The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Belgrade presented three travel agents to promote various aspects of Indonesian tourism. These three travel agents showcased various natural beauties, cultural heritage, culinary experiences and quality travel packages.

The Indonesian Embassy in Belgrade also displayed the richness of Indonesian culture through performances of the Dwipantara flute-lute and traditional Indonesian dances. Dwipantara is a flute-lute group consisting of Indonesian musicians who live in Istanbul, Turkey. It is hoped that the show will give visitors a glimpse of Indonesia's cultural diversity, while increasing Indonesia's attractiveness as a tourist destination.

The 45th International Tourism Exhibition in Belgrade is the biggest tourism promotion event and most visited in the Balkan region. The exhibition promotes and attracts visitors to new destinations, so that it can encourage economic activity.


Lake Moat, North Sulawesi

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North Sulawesi has 3 lakes as main tourist attractions, one of which is Lake Moat. This lake is located in East Bolaang (read: Bola - ang) Mongondow Regency, North Sulawesi. Moat Lake is a volcanic lake. This lake is located in the Mount Ambang nature reserve area, and is at an altitude of 1,100 meters above sea level.

To get to Moat Lake, you can depart from Manado via the Trans Sulawesi route, towards Gorontalo, until you reach Kotamobagu City. The journey from Manado to the city of Kotamobagu takes around three to four hours.

Because there is still no public transportation to get to Moat Lake, it's best to rent a vehicle from Manado. The name of this lake comes from the word Mo'oat in the Mongondow language, meaning "Land that arises in the middle of water".

When you are at the Moat Lake tourist attraction, you will be greeted with very cool air and very beautiful nature. This beautiful view will spoil your eyes and also amaze you.

The water of this lake looks so clear, combined with various beautiful natural views around the Moat Lake tourist attraction, which will make you feel relaxed. You can fish in this lake, because in this lake there are various types of freshwater fish such as goldfish and nilem fish. This lake is also a habitat for the Sogili eel which is a rare fish.

There is a small island in the middle of Lake Moat which you can reach using a boat that can be rented from local residents. You can enjoy the beauty of this lake in various ways, one of which is enjoying the view from the huts and houses on stilts. Likewise, for those of you who like the outdoors, there are tents available that you can set up on the edge of the lake.



Madiun Regency is a potential tourist area to be proud of, with its area consisting of forests and several other attractions such as interest tourism and cultural tourism. One of the tourist attractions that must be visited when visiting Madiun is the Seweru waterfall which has beautiful views.

Seweru Waterfall is located on the slopes of Mount Wilis at a height of 400 meters above sea level. The source of this waterfall comes from under the mountain and among shady trees. The Seweru waterfall tourist attraction is located about 25 kilometers from the city of Madiun to the east, right in Kare village, Kare sub-district. The air and environment around this waterfall is pleasantly cool. The beauty of the Seweru waterfall or which has other names such as Serondo, Selampir and Kedung Malem is accompanied by views of forest tourism which enhances the beauty of the natural panorama. Apart from that, there are also agro-tourism attractions, such as apple and orange plantations, flower gardens and also clove gardens. The shady trees and plants that grow around the waterfall also make this location feel cool, typical of mountain air, far from pollution like in big cities.

For more adventure, you can also walk closer to this waterfall, because underneath there are many large rocks that can be used as places to sit while dipping your feet. The water in the pool under the waterfall is crystal clear, inviting anyone who sees it to immediately plunge into it. Because the terrain is narrow and winding, you can only use two-wheeled vehicles to get to Seweru waterfall.

Seweru waterfall is equipped with facilities such as parking area, accommodation at varying prices, modest restaurants and stalls, also public toilets. For those of you who don't want to spend the night in an inn or hotel, you can set up camp in the area provided.



After being known as the cleanest village in the world, Penglipuran village in Bali has once again achieved prestigious recognition. The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) released its annual list of the best tourist villages in the world for 2024. Reporting from Time Out, there are 54 villages on this list. This number is much higher than last year, which was 32 villages. These include five villages in Peru, four villages in China, a remote village in India, as well as one Indonesian tourist village, Penglipuran.

The only Indonesian tourist village included in the list of best villages in the world in 2024 is Penglipuran. It is located in Bangli District, Bangli Regency, Bali Province.

Penglipuran Village has existed since 700 years ago during the Bangli Kingdom era. According to legend, this village was a gift from the King of Bangli to the people who fought against the Gianyar Kingdom. Customary law, known as awig-awig, is still applied in Penglipuran Village, apart from following government regulations.

Penglipuran is a traditional village that still upholds the noble values of its ancestors. These values are also included in the village layout, namely carrying out the Tri Mandala concept. According to the Tri Mandala concept, village spatial planning is divided into three areas, namely Utama Mandala, Madya Mandala, and Nista Mandala, which are ordered from the northernmost area to the southernmost area.

The distance of Penglipuran Village is around 60 kilometers from I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport and can be reached in 1 hour 30 minutes by car.

This tourist village with strong cultural values has also won a number of awards several years ago. Such as the third cleanest villages in the world according to the Green Destinations Foundation and the Green Destinations Foundation's Sustainable Destinations Top 100. In 2022, this village became a visiting destination for the G20 delegation.



The Indonesian National Zakat Amil Agency (BAZNAS) is coordinating with the Indonesian Embassy in Cairo to prepare the needs for a public kitchen at the Rafah border, in its efforts to help the Palestinian people in Gaza. Deputy Chairman of the Indonesian National Zakat Amil Agency, Mokhamad Mahdum in his statement in Jakarta, Thursday, said that one of the initiatives being prepared was to meet the needs of a public kitchen managed by the Egyptian Red Crescent at the Rafah border. He explained that providing a public kitchen there was an urgent need. Many Palestinian refugees suffer from starvation due to Israeli aggression. According to him, the public kitchen will provide food for thousands of Palestinians affected by the conflict, especially those who are displaced and homeless. However, according to him, the Indonesian National Zakat Amil Agency cannot carry out this humanitarian mission without the support and participation of all parties. Therefore, it coordinates with the Indonesian Embassy in Cairo for public kitchen needs. Meanwhile, Deputy Chief Representative of the Indonesian Embassy in Cairo, M Zaim A Nasution, said that The Indonesian National Zakat Amil Agency is one of the institutions that distributes a lot of humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people through Egypt.



The Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia in Hong Kong, Yul Edison held a meeting with the Vice President of the University of Hong Kong,  Prof. Ian Holliday  at the University of Hong Kong campus on Monday (19/2).  The meeting aimed at discussing the potential for educational cooperation, because Hong Kong is considered to have high potential as one of the study destinations for Indonesian students. One of the ways raised is to increase student exchange programs between Indonesian and Hong Kong university students.  Hong Kong University has approximately 400 student exchange partner universities. Prof. Holliday expressed his interest in working with 3-4 universities in Indonesia for this program.

Moreover, Prof. Holliday also raised the possibility of increasing the quota for foreign students from outside the People's Republic of China at the University of Hong Kong from 300 people to 600 people in the near future.  In addition,  the University of Hong Kong also has very profitable doctoral scholarships. They hope that this will become a selling point for the University of Hong Kong for Indonesian students. At the event,  the Indonesian Consul General,  Yul Edison also invited Hong Kong University students to take part in the scholarship program offered by the Indonesian government. These scholarships include the Dharmasiswa-Arts Scholarship and Indonesian Culture as well as the Developing Countries Partnership Scholarship. Yul Edison hopes that there will be an increase in interest among Indonesian students to continue their studies in Hong Kong, which is still relatively small.

Besides, several universities in Hong Kong are listed as the best universities in the world,  including the University of Hong Kong which is ranked the best in Hong Kong and 26th best in the world,  based on an assessment from the QS World University Rankings 2024.  The University of Hong Kong is also part of the University21 network which consists of the top 29 best universities in the world, including Gajah Mada University.


The Indonesian Embassy in Canberra stated that Jakarta State University (UNJ) in Indonesia is exploring educational collaboration with the University of Canberra, Australia. According to a written statement from the Indonesian Embassy in Canberra received in Jakarta on Tuesday (20/2), Faculty Language and Arts of UNJ is exploring opportunities to open a dual Master of Language Education degree program with the Faculty of Education, University of Canberra. Education and Culture Attache of the Indonesian Embassy in Canberra, Mukhamad Najib conveyed that currently, there is funding from the Education Fund Management Agency for a double degree program between universities in Indonesia and universities abroad that have an international reputation. This is a good opportunity for UNJ to take advantage of and University of Canberra.

Moreover, Najib further pointed out that the focus of the discussion was the opportunity to establish a joint master's program between UNJ and the University of Canberra, especially the Master of Language Education. He also said the Indonesian government strongly encourages universities to have double degree programs or joint degrees with universities abroad, including Australia.

Besides, the Australian Government through the Australia Awards Indonesia also has a similar program called the Split-Site Master's Program. In this program, students will study for one year in Indonesia and one year in Australia. According to Najib, one of the obstacles for students to study in countries like Australia, is generally due to cost problems. Because tuition fees in Australia are very expensive. Therefore, it is hoped that the split-site master's program can be a solution to this problem.

Meanwhile, Dean of the Faculty of Languages and Arts, Jakarta State University, Liliana expressed her seriousness in bringing the UNJ Faculty of Languages and Arts into a faculty with an international reputation. She viewed that the existence of a joint program for masters of education between UNJ and the University of Canberra could be a bridge to develop cooperation in other fields, such as joint research between UNJ and University of Canberra lecturers. Najib has also said UNJ will send a draft curriculum design which can be used as material for discussions on the establishment of a split-site master or double degree. He also perceived that curriculum alignment takes time and must be started as soon as possible. Liliana emphasized while discussing the curriculum, UNJ Faculty of Languages and Arts also invites University of Canberra lecturers to become guest lecturers both online and offline to be speakers at seminars organized by UNJ or to conduct joint research and publications.

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