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Monday, 08 July 2024 10:30

Dieng Culture Festival

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After being absent last year, the annual Dieng Culture Festival will be held again, from 23-25 ​​August 2024. Entitled "The Journey", it will be held in the Dieng Kulon Tourism Village, Banjarnegara, Central Java. This activity has been awaited by local and foreign tourists, because it combines natural beauty with the unique culture of Dieng. The 2024 Dieng Culture Festival series of events is filled with art performances, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises exhibitions, Dieng Lestari actions, dreadlock hair shaving rituals, cultural carnivals, and lantern flying.

As in previous years, for two consecutive days, top and local singers and musicians are ready to enliven the Jazz Stage on the Clouds at this year's Dieng Culture Festival. There will be Andien, Marcell Siahaan, Budi Doremi, Denny Caknan, and Stars & Rabbit who are ready to rock the 2024 Dieng Culture Festival.

The ritual of shaving dreadlocks [stiff, hard and lumpy hair] for Dieng children is the most anticipated event. The dreadlocks that Dieng residents have are not artificial or intentional, but grow naturally. Usually this hair grows during childhood and can only be cut after the child ask for it. The dreadlock hair cutting then is held in a grand traditional ritual. It can be held individually or collectively. Due to the expenses the ritual is mostly conducted collectively by several children with dreadlock hair. For the people of the Dieng Plateau, the number of children with dreadlocks is correlated with community welfare.

This hair cutting procession takes place with a prayer ritual led by the elders. The dreadlocked children will go in a procession around Dieng. There are several spots that are the destination for prayer rituals, namely Bima Temple, Dwarawati Temple, Sendang Maerokoco, Arjuna Temple Complex, Gatotkaca Temple, Sikidang Crater, Balaikambang Lake, Color Lake, and Pepek River.

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