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PPLN Hong Kong Rekrut Volunter Demi Kelancaran Pemberian Suara di KJRI Hong Kong

Category: VOI
Published on 13 February 2024
Written by Daulat Pane Hits: 116

Panitia Pelaksana Pemilihan Luar Negeri untuk wilayah Hong Kong dan Makau merekrut puluhan warga negara Indonesia di Hong Kong demi kelancaran dan keamanan proses pemberian suara. Menurut Ketua PPLN Hong Kong Agustinus Guntoro para volunter dibekali pengetahuan tentang tugas-tugas mereka melalui simulasi langsung di lapangan.

“Simulasi terakhir dari proses awal para pemilik masuk diverifikasi datanya, lalu masuk antrian berdasarkan TPS lalu satu persatu diantar ke TPS bagaimana yang sudah diinformasikan”, kata Agustinus.

Menurut Agustinus Guntoro pencoblosan atau pemberian suara berlangsung hari Selasa 13 Februari 2024, mulai pukul 09.00 hingga 19.00 di Gedung KJRI Hong Kong. Dikatakannya, para pemilih dapat menggunakan hak pilih mereka di 4 TPS yang sudah disediakan di lantai 2 dan 3 Gedung KJRI.//DP


Video competition to enhance ASEAN-China shared visión

Category: VOI
Published on 11 January 2024
Written by Maryati Hits: 135

Indonesian Ambassador to China and Mongolia, Djauhari Oratmangun, said that the "My Story with China" video competition could help realize the joint ASEAN-China vision. He conveyed it when he was one of the key speakers at the announcement of the "My Story with China" video competition for ASEAN international students in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei hosted by Tianjin Normal University, last Saturday, January 6.

According to Ambassador Djauhari, relations between ASEAN and China have become closer with the increase in status as part of a "comprehensive strategic partnership" since two years ago. Trade between ASEAN and China has increased over the past four years. ASEAN and China are the largest trading partners in the world, and the two parties also carry out investment cooperation.

Ambassador Djauhari believes that if ASEAN's third pillar, namely people-to-people cooperation, is strengthened, relations between ASEAN and China will become stronger in the years to come.

Meanwhile, Director-General of the Chinese Ministry of Education's Center for Language Education and Cooperation, Ma Jianfei, at the same event emphasized the importance of China-ASEAN relations and the important role of youth in promoting cultural exchange. He also encouraged collaboration to support more ASEAN young people to share stories while learning Mandarin.

The video competition with the theme "My Story with China" was held by the Center for Language Education and Cooperation and the ASEAN-China Center, supported by the International Society for Chinese Language Teaching, China Education Press, China Education International Exchange Associate and the Beijing-Tianjing-Hebei Education Committees.

There were 306 videos received by the committee over 8 months and involving more than 3,000 students and lecturers as well as 62 organizations. The winners were selected through online voting which reached 20 thousand votes.

A number of Indonesian students became winners in the "Youth Talents" category, namely Clarissa and Tiffani from the Tianjin Conservatory of Music campus. They performed a piano duet, Wulidha Fitri. Students from Beijing Normal University won in the "Star of Style" category. Meanwhile, Gilbert Lie and his friends from Hebei Normal University won in the "Star of Future'' category for singing the song Haiji de ta ceng shuo -Remember when he said.


Bali, Best Destination for Honeymoon

Category: VOI
Published on 11 January 2024
Written by steve Hits: 122

Kelingking Beach, Indonesia - Photo by Nattu Adnan on Unsplash.


VOInews, Jakarta - Bali is always the world's favorite. Recently, Bali was awarded as the best destinations for honeymoon, Tripadvisor's version.


Tripadvisor's Travelers' Choice Awards Best of the Best 2024 awarded Bali as the best honeymoon destination in the world. The award was based on travelers' reviews.

On the list, Bali stood above other tropical or beach destinations. Hoi An of Vietnam and Maldives were respectively 2nd and 3rd best for honeymoon.

In the Honey Moon Destinations - World category, Bali was dubbed as a "living postcard". Bali has beaches with fine white sand, stone temples, and the so-called "artistic capital" of Ubud. Tripadvisor also mentioned that Bali is great for ports of call tours, rafting, spas, and cultural tours.

Reviewing Bali, a traveler wrote "Amazing place to stay, totally recommend it, the service was on top, food and the installation of the hotel is unique." While another review simply said "Great trip, beautiful views!"

In the Travelers' Choice Awards Best of the Best 2024, Bali stood behind Dubai as the World's Top Destination. However, none of Bali's beaches made it into Top 10 Best Beaches list.

Tripadvisor recently published the Travelers' Choice Awards Best of the Best 2024. The award included hotels, restaurants, and activities based on top reviews on its website. Less than 1% of Tripadvisor's 8 million spots could make it into the Best of the Best.


September 07, 2023

Category: VOI
Published on 07 September 2023
Written by Maryati Hits: 147

Click index audio September 07, 2023


August 12, 2023

Category: VOI
Published on 12 August 2023
Written by Maryati Hits: 151

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