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Wednesday, 17 March 2021 12:38

Myanmar, A Lesson In Enforcing Democracy

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The dreams of peace and democracy in Myanmar have yet to come true. After the coup by the military junta on 1 February, casualties on the part of civilians continued to fall. The country has yet to find a solution to the military-takeover of power. After the burning down of a number of factories which were Chinese investment, it seemed as if the military had the opportunity to impose a state of emergency in several places. Six cities since last Sunday have declared a state of emergency. The AFP news agency verified that during the demonstrations Sunday and Monday, dozens of people including women had died as a result of military fire.

Apparently, protesters set fire to the factories for accusing China of supporting Myanmar's military. It is possible that the arson and the accusations will disturb the government in Beijing. Previously, the Chinese government stated that it did not interfere with the political and social crisis in its neighboring country. Unlike the United States and several Western countries, China considers what is happening in Myanmar as a purely domestic matter. This is despite the fact that the UN Security Council has criticized the violence perpetrated by the military.

On the other hand, the condemnation and sanctions imposed by the United States and several other countries on Myanmar military officials, still have not shaken the ASEAN and its member countries in responding to the crisis in Myanmar. ASEAN, so far remains obedient to the commitment of non-interference   in the domestic affairs of its members. This may very well make the military feel comfortable. Myanmar is the last country to become a member of ASEAN because the association of Southeast Asian countries considers Myanmar to have become democratic.

This situation is expected to make the military continue to commit acts of violence against protesters who support Aung San Su Ky. Meanwhile, Aung San Su Ky was unable to act because she was in detention.

The country, which has begun to gain appreciation thanks to the realization of democracy some time ago, is now receiving attention and criticism due to violence by the military in forcing its power.

For its neighboring countries, what happened in Myanmar can certainly be a material for study and consideration on how to keep democracy growing, along with the steps to make people live in peace.

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