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Friday, 26 March 2021 14:48

Berua village

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If you travel to Makassar, South Sulawesi, just  visit Kampung Berua. This village area was stipulated as National Geopark in 2017 with the beauty of Mount Karst that surrounds it// Kampung Berua is located in Rammang-Rammang sub village, Salenrang Village, Bontoa sub-district, Maros regency, South Sulawesi.This tourism attraction can be reached for approximately 1.5 hours by  motor vehicles from Makassar. When you arrive at Salenrang port, you must get on a rental boat. It takes about 30 minutes by boat.   you will cross the Pute river which is quite wide and quiet while looking at the natural scenery.

When you get off the boat, you will be presented with a beautiful view. There is a high mountain, namely Karst, combined with green   rice fields and the residents' stilt homestays.  Kampung Berua is a village that has only 15 houses in which all of them are still in one relative. Traveling to Kampung Berua, you can stroll around this village. You can see black karst rocks standing strongly in the middle of the rice fields. There are only a few houses around the rocks. You can also visit a lake, Telaga Bidadari arund Kampung Berua. The water in this lake is very clear and clean, so that the residents of Kampung Berua make it a source of water to meet their daily water needs. There are also several caves in Kampung Berua, namely Kingkong Cave and Berlian Cave. Each cave has its own uniqueness. To reach the caves, you have to travel down the rice fields and ponds owned by the local residents.

In Kampung Berua, you can also visit Padang Ammarung. To go to Padang Ammarung, you will pass a simple wooden bridge, and then climb several rocky steps to reach the top. In Padang Ammarrung, you can see the beautiful view of Kampung Berua from the top. Traveling to this tourism village, you don't need to worry, because there are  restaurants, toilets, prayer rooms and homestays.


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