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Monday, 12 April 2021 10:20

Langkisau Hill in West Sumatera

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Pesisir Selatan is one of the regencies in West Sumatra. This regency is located on the coast, with a coastline of 218 kilometers long. The topography consists of plains, mountains and hills which are an extension of the Bukit Barisan cluster. With a diverse topography, Pesisir Selatan offers the beauty of nature. There are five tourism objects that must be visited. One of them is the Langkisau Hill.

The Langkisau Hill is a hill that extends along the northern side of Painan City. This hill is only about two kilometers long or 10 minutes by motor vehicles from the Painan City, the capital of the South Coast. Many people admire the natural beauty at the top of the Langkisau Hill. The beauty of nature on the top of the Langkisau Hill will even look more beautiful, when the sun sets and rises. In addition, on top of the peak, you can enjoy views along the coast of the southern coast of West Sumatra and the residential areas of Painan City and the long stretch of the South Barisan Hills.  The top of this hill has a height of approximately 400 meters. Going to Langkisau peak, you can use a motor vehicle, because the road is well-paved. This certainly makes it easier for tourists to come to the top of the Langkisau hill. Arriving at the parking location, you still have to walk about 25 meters up the stairs to the top of the hill.

Apart from being known for its beautiful natural scenery, the Langkisau Hill Area is also known as one of the most popular Paragliding arenas for Indonesians and world gliders. Various paragliding sports activities have often been held in Langkisau. An activity that is routinely carried out every year is the Langkisau Festival.

In addition to paragliding sports, the Langkisau Hill is also equipped with outbound facilities in the form of a flying-fox, as well as food and snack stalls. The local residents also provide lodging for tourists who want to spend the night here. On its peak, there is a parking lot that has been arranged and also a garden and a small gazebo as a place to sit around enjoying the view. Visitors only need to pay a parking fee of approximately Rp. 2,000 without the need to pay an entrance ticket.

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