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Wednesday, 04 April 2018 13:21

‘Roti Buaya or bread look-like crocodile, symbol of loyalty in traditional marriage of Betawi’

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Roti Buaya or bread look-like crocodile began to be known by Betawi people when Europeans entered into Indonesia. Thus, European tradition and culture inserted a little bit influence of the original inhabitants. One of them is a marriage event. In the marriage event, there must exist a symbol. At that time, Europeans used flower as symbol of marriage.  Feeling unwanted to lose and to imitate Europe, Betawi people wanted to have their own symbol in marriage event. They chose Roti Buaya or bread look-like crocodile as symbol of traditional marriage of Betawi people. Roti Buaya or bread look-like crocodile becomes symbol in Betawi traditional wedding because it has its own philosophy. According to belief of Betawi people, Roti Buaya symbolizes reliability and  loyalty. The meaning of reliability is on bread. In the past, only nobles could eat bread. Meanwhile, the meaning of loyalty is on crocodile. Betawi people believe if crocodile only conducts once marriage for the rest of the life. Thus, Roti Buaya becomes a symbol of Betawi traditional marriage in a hope both the bride and bridegroom partners are able to be well established and loyal until the end of their life. In Betawi traditional marriage, usually bridegroom partner brings a pair of ‘Roti Buaya’; the smaller bread is symbolized as female crocodile. Certainly, it has its own meaning. The existence of the small one reflects bridegroom partner’s loyalty to the bride partner. Roti Buaya has the same sizes, namely 50 centimeters. In the past, Roti Buaya was not eaten and stored by the bride partner. The bread was left alone to harden because it became the symbol of loyalty of the bridegroom partner, which was ever lasting.  By the time passed by, after marriage contract, the bread can be shared and eaten along with family, especially relatives who do not get married yet. This means that they will get partners immediately.

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