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Wednesday, 05 May 2021 13:59

Kelapa Island in North Jakarta

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Do you know that there is Kelapa Island in the Seribu Island or Thousand Island? If you are busy with routine work every day, and you need a short vacation, it looks like you don't need to go farther outside Jakarta or even outside the island, because in fact, Jakarta has a very beautiful view, namely Kelapa Island. Indeed, compared to other islands, the name Kelapa Island is not well known, even often drowning with other island destinations. But what you should know is that the beauty of Kelapa Island continues to offer a million of its charms. Kelapa Island is one of the inhabited islands. So if one arrives at this island, he or she will immediately be greeted by the friendly people here. Kelapa Island in the Seribu Island is indeed quite unique. Because many Bugis people inhabit Kelapa Island. The Bugis people came from the island of Sulawesi, who transmigrated long time ago.

Having an area of approximately 13 hectares, this island is amazing to visit its beautiful panorama. It has clear blue sea water. The wide expanse of white sand beach, combined with coral reefs, becomes a dish of beauty that may amaze and spoil your eyes. As the name implies, Kelapa Island has so many coconut trees lined up, adding to the beautiful view of this island. You can use various kinds of cool spots on Kelapa Island to take selfies. In addition, on Kelapa Island there is also a turtle breeding ground which is often used to educate marine animals. Usually, visitors come to Kelapa Island in the afternoon, and enjoy the beautiful sunset first, accompanied by a variety of seafood typical of Kelapa Island.

To go to Kelapa Island in the Seribu Island, you can travel from Pramuka Island with a distance of approximately 30 minutes by speedboat. The location of Kelapa Island is not far from other islands, so after returning from Kelapa Island, you can explore other islands, or enjoy all day long on Kelapa Island. If you only want to have a vacation on Kelapa Island, you can also go straight from Kaliadem Harbor in Muara Angke, North Jakarta. The access via Muara Angke to Kelapa Island is also often used by those who want to go directly to Kelapa Island. So, it is quite easy to go to this beautiful Kelapa Island. So what are you waiting for? Please spend your time on this island. But remember to avoid littering and don't forget to apply health protocols!

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