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Friday, 14 May 2021 00:00

Madu Mongso Culinary from Blitar

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For the people of Blitar, East Java, Idul Fitri  is not complete without serving Madu Wongso cakes. This coarse-textured snack with black sticky rice grains is a typical dish during Idul Fitri. The taste is sour mixed with sweet and colorful packaging that makes this culinary being liked by many people.

Madumongso comes from the word Madu Rumongso which tastes like honey. This food is sweet like honey, because it is made from black sticky rice mixed with sugar. While, the sour taste comes from the addition of pineapple in the Madu Mongso mixture. The process of making Madu Mongso is quite complicated and it requires special skills. It takes two days to create a sweet taste with sour one. It  starts with cooking black glutinous rice into rice. Then, the glutinous rice is processed with tape yeast through fermentation for two days. Then, the mixture is added with coconut sugar and it is cooked on a stove for 7 hours.

After the dough-making process is complete, the dough, which has turned dark black, is left for one day. Then, it is cut into pieces to match the packaging. The uniqueness of these culinary delights is in the packaging. Madu Mongso dough is packaged in colorful oil paper. Even,  some  packs it with additional gold ribbons. Besides being present at Idul Fitri celebration, this dish  is also usually present at important events such as weddings, proposals, or celebrations.

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