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Enting Geti

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East java has various kinds of typical foods which have been well known, such as Pecel, Rawon, Rujak Cingur, and many others. Besides those foods, East java, especially Blitar has snack, namely Enting Geti. Enting Geti is traditional snack from Blitar which is made from peanut, sesame and palm sugar. The food is usually served in the feast day or wedding party to welcome the guests. Savory flavor of the peanut, which mixes with sesame, gives sensation which is little bit different. The taste of savory, crunchy and sweet palm sugar is mixed in one to make the snack always be interested in not only by Blitar people but also tourists who come to this town. Enting Geti has special and durable taste. So, the snack is suitable to be souvenir when having holidays in Blitar. Enting Geti is usually produced in Kademangan district, which is located at the middle of Blitar regency. It is very easy for the producers to market throughout the regency. The traditional snack will taste delicious when being enjoyed along with coffee when being relaxed. The process of making Enting Geti is quite simple. Firstly, peanut is fried without cooking oil until it is well done or the color of the peanut changes to look brown. Afterwards, the fried peanut is lifted and mashed roughly. Then, you prepare palm sugar, granulated sugar and vanilla to be mixed together and add little water. This is cooked while stirring until the sugar dissolves to thicken like syrup. After that, the peanut is put into the thickened sugar water and stir in order the dough is blended and thickening. Then, the dough is put in a pan which has been covered with oil paper. Then, it’s flattened. After the dough is dried, cut it into pieces as you like the size and the taste. The price of one portion of Enting Geti varies from Rp 5,000 until Rp 35,000.

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