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Wednesday, 16 June 2021 16:03

Palestine’s Future Post Netanyahu’s Era

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ended his reign after 13 years. He was removed from power by the Israeli Parliament, the Knesset, on Sunday 13 June 2021. Benjamin Netanyahu was later replaced by Naftali Bennet, his former ally, with whom he has been ideologically opposed for several years. Naftali Bennett won  in the Knesset by just one vote namely, 60 against  59 for Netanyahu.

For the Palestinians, especially the HAMAS group, the election of Naftali Bennet does not raise good hopes. Hamas authorities are suspicious of Bennet.  He and his coalition party, are seen as unlikely to change Israel's attitude towards Palestine. After the election of Bennet, the Hamas group from the Gaza Strip confirmed that it would continue to fight against Israel.

Naftalie Bennet is the leader of the far-right party, which frequently calls for the takeover of the Palestinian territories. He had been active in the military and was known to be very anti-Iranian. Naftalie Bennet, 49, is also known to be a millionaire and tech savvy. The former protégé of Benjamin Netanyahu has criticized his teacher several times for being indecisive towards Palestinian Hamas.

US President Joe Biden has congratulated Naftalie Bennet. Meanwhile, the election of the new Prime Minister of Israel has not received a reaction from Arab countries. What is clear is Hammas' tough stance in responding to Netanyahu being replaced by the hard-line Israeli figure. There is a question about the possibility that has been frequently mentioned by various parties recently, namely  the existence of a diplomatic approach to push for Israel's recognition of Palestine as a fully independent state.

What is certain is that the factors of the United States and Iran and the attitude of Arab countries will still greatly determine the existence of new constructive steps for the realization of a sovereign Palestinian state

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