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Wednesday, 23 June 2021 19:48

Sade traditional village in Central Lombok

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Sade is one of the hamlets in the village of Rembitan, Pujut, Central Lombok. The village is only 13 kilometers or 25 minutes away by car from the airport. This village is known as a village that maintains the customs of the Sasak tribe. The Sasak Sade tribe is well known among tourists who come to Lombok. The local Tourism Office has made Sade as tourism village because of the Sade Village’s uniqueness and the Sasak tribe that live in it. Even though it is located right next to a smooth asphalt highway, the residents of Sade Village in Rembitan still strongly maintains the authenticity of the village. Sade Village still displays the atmosphere of the original Lombok native village. It can be seen from the house building that seems very traditional. The roof is made of fibers and some the roofs are made of bamboo without nails; the walls are made of woven bamboo, and are directly grounded on the earth. The Sasak Sade people name the building, Bale.

There are eight Bales, namely Bale Tani, Jajar Sekenam, Bonter, Beleq, Berugag, Tajuk and Bencingah. Those Bales are distinguished from their function. In this village, there are 150 houses with 150 heads of families with a total of 700 people. This village has been inhabited for 15 generations. In the past, many of the population adhered to Islam Wektu Telu (only three prayers a day). But now, many Sade residents have left the Wektu Telu and embraced Islam completely. Uniquely, the villagers have a special habit of mopping the floor using buffalo dung to beautify and strengthen the floor. So, the function of buffalo dung is as an adhesive so that the floor is not porous.

Woven fabrics and accessories from threads, such as bracelets and necklaces are the expertise of the women of the Sade village. The women of the Sade Village must be able to weave. They can even get married if they are good at weaving. Sade village has an unusual marriage tradition, namely eloping marriages, where a man will elope the woman he likes and takes her away. Afterwards, the man asked for the blessing of the woman's family. This tradition is still carried out by the Sade community to this day. Proposals, and fiancées or proposing are considered a violation of custom. Amid the modernity, the Sasak Sade tribe still maintains their customs and traditions. Naturally, some tourists flock to get to know more about this village that has existed since 1500 years ago.

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