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Wednesday, 30 June 2021 10:19

Syrian War Is More Complicated

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When several countries in the world have issued budgets against the new variant of Delta that has caused the spread of the Covid pandemic, the war in Syria has led to the use of funds for the conflict that it is unclear when it will end. Instead of getting a solution, the war in Syria shows a tendency to get worse. The US onslaught to counter attacks by Iran-backed militias on the Iraq-Syria border has come under fire from Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al Khademi.

On the instructions of President Joe Biden, the US on Sunday, June 27, has carried out air strikes in response to militia drone attacks targeting US troops in Iraq. The attack by US troops last weekend was the second time on direct orders from the President. Joe Biden issued his first directive in February 2021 shortly after he was sworn in as President of the United States replacing Donald Trump.

The civil war in Syria that has lasted for 10 years has killed at least 388,000 people, both from the government and the resistance sides. Hundreds of thousands of Syrians have left to various countries, especially in Europe. The costs spent on the war that never ends is certainly very big. Instead of thinking about overcoming the new variant of Covid and its impact on the Syrian people, the large funds were issued by the government of President As Saad to finance the war.

The intervention of foreign countries including the United States, Russia and Iran is not a solution to ending the tragedy in Syria. The country that used to be referred to as one of the beautiful and prosperous regions. Ignited by the Arab Spring democratization movement some time ago, now the war in Syria has destroyed parts of the country and made its people suffer terribly at home or stranded in some foreign countries.

Iraqi protests over US air strikes aimed at Iranian-backed militia forces on the border with Iraq and Syria are likely to make the conflict in Syria more complicated towards a resolution. Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al Khademi in a statement condemned the US airstrikes and declared it a violation of Iraqi sovereignty.

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