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Thursday, 08 July 2021 00:00

Tumpang Koyor

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The Indonesian National Commission for UNESCO, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology, recently proposed the City of Salatiga, Central Java to be nominated for Creative City of Gastronomy to the UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN). According to Mayor of Salatiga, Yuliyanto, as a miniature of Indonesia, Salatiga is a place where various ethnicities and tribes mingle with culinary diversity with unique flavors. This fact has resulted in meaningful acculturation which is the uniqueness of Salatiga City; one of which is a variety of cuisines. Mayor Yuliyanto also said that Salatiga is one of the oldest cities in Indonesia, with a long history of rich cultural heritage and culinary variety. In Salatiga's long history, one of the great legacies of its food recipe is Tumpang Koyor, which was found in the Serat Centini manuscript in 1814.

Tumpang Koyor, this Salatiga typical food may seem unattractive. But the taste will make you addicted. The main ingredient is Tempe Semangit. Tempe Semangit is the one that has been fermented to an advanced stage for up to two until three days. Among the Javanese people, such tempe is often called Tempe Bosok or rotten. Tempe is what makes this dish so special. The other main ingredients are Tetelan and Koyor or Tunjang. Tetelan is a piece of beef which is actually a piece of meat that is attached to the bone. Meanwhile, Tunjang is cow's trotter. Cooking Tumpang Koyor uses spices, such as shallots, garlic, Kencur, lime leaves, Salam, Galangal, and chili, and then mixed with coconut milk. This dish is called Tumpang because when it is cooked, it uses a pan that is placed on the stove for at least two hours.

A portion of Tumpang Koyor is usually served with tofu skin. When eaten, there is a combination of savory, spicy, slightly sour, with a soft texture. The dish is usually eaten with a serving of warm rice or a bowl of porridge. In Salatiga itself, it is not difficult to find Tumpang Koyor. There are many restaurants selling this special food at a relatively affordable price. It is around Rp25,000 to 30,000/serving. Do you want to try it? Come to Solo City, Central Java.

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