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Wednesday, 07 July 2021 15:07

Afghanistan Post US Troops Withdrawal

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After September 11, 2021, the Government of Afghanistan will be tested in maintaining the security situation of its country. Gradually, the United States has begun to withdraw its troops and abandon the Afghan government in resolving the armed conflict with the Taliban. The withdrawal of troops, which was President Biden's decision, was carried out in stages. He emphasized that the entire US military would be withdrawn by September 11, 2021. Even the evacuation of the largest and main military headquarters of the United States and NATO troops in Bagram, might be carried out before the deadline. The Joe Biden administration's decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan marked the end of the United States' 20-year war on foreign soil. The longest time ever, even when compared to when they were involved in the war in Vietnam.

After the US and NATO left, the Afghan government must try to solve its internal problems, especially dealing with the Taliban group. Since the withdrawal of the United States troops, the Taliban group has carried out a movement to increase influence by controlling a number of districts, especially in the northern region. Government forces reportedly clashed with Taliban militias while defending the area.

Efforts to resolve the civil war in Afghanistan are actually still open through negotiations, as proclaimed at the meeting in Doha, Qatar last year. The withdrawal of US and NATO troops is one of the Doha deals. Another is dialogues between the two warring parties in Afghanistan.

The question is, how can the Government in Kabul and the Taliban Group negotiate and agree on solution toward a peaceful and better Afghanistan? So far, the goal of the Taliban is to restore Afghanistan as a country based on strict Islamic law. Meanwhile, the government has other principles. Within the Taliban itself there are moderate groups and hard-line groups who may have different views in dealing with state and community affairs.

Therefore, after the withdrawal of US and NATO troops, the Afghan people may still have to be patient in hoping for a better situation in their country. It can only be realized when the government in Kabul and the Taliban Group are willing to continue negotiations and find a solution for a peaceful and better Afghanistan. If a consensus is not reached, it is very possible that the situation in the country will be even more deplorable due to political conflicts and prolonged wars.

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