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Friday, 09 July 2021 07:51

China Requires Veterans to Join Military Service

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China doesn't seem to be playing around in its statements regarding its conflict with Taiwan. The Associated Press news agency reported that Chinese President Xi Jinping, who also heads the Central Military Commission, emphasized the need for the People's Liberation Army to increase troop capabilities in the dispute with Taiwan. These concerns are not only active soldiers but also retired military personnel. They are said to be a top priority for military service in times of war. This is stipulated in a draft law change released by the Ministry of Veterans Affairs over the weekend.

Conscription under Chinese law applies to citizens aged 18 to 22. They are required to undergo one-month training in military service but are not required to become professional soldiers afterward. In fact, since 1949 it has practically no longer been implemented because the number of soldiers who voluntarily enlist is considered sufficient. But the question is that how serious the situation is, so that there is a need for a revision of the law requiring veterans to be involved in wartime.

Former instructor of People's Liberation Army, Song Zhongping said that revisions are needed to reflect broader changes in the world and to better prepare China for emergencies.

The country's military must be "ready to respond" to complex and difficult situations when faced with security challenges. Moreover, recently, China's relations with Western countries and its neighbors have deteriorated due to various problems, ranging from territorial claims, the economy to human rights.

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