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Wednesday, 11 August 2021 00:00

US-South Korea, and China-Russia Joint military Exercises in geopolitical perspective.

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Shows of strength and military cooperation are taking place in Asia. Three major countries, the United States, China, and Russia are holding  massive military exercises there.  If Russia holds joint military drills with China. The United States cooperates with South Korea, its ally on the Korean peninsula.

As reported by the French news agency, AFP, South Korea and the United States began holding preliminary joint military exercises Tuesday, August 10, before entering the full-scale Exercise from  August 16-26. The joint action of the two countries was immediately responded to by North Korea. Kim Yo-Jong, the younger brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, considers the joint military exercises a form of betrayal by South Korea. The accusation was made on the basis that communication between Seoul and Pyong Yang that had been cut off, was just  re-opened last month   in the hope that relations would improve.

At almost the same time, two close neighbors of the two Koreas, namely China and Russia, are also holding  military exercises. The location is indeed not in the eastern part which is close to the Korean peninsula. The joint Russian and Chinese exercises, which are being carried out on a large scale, take place in the northwestern region of China and involve at least 10,000 troops.

Seeing the selection of locations that are far from the Korean Peninsula when the United States and South Korea also hold military exercises, it can then be assumed that there are different objectives. Although both have interests and influence on the two Koreas, it seems that the joint Russian and Chinese exercises this time are meant as a show of strength against Europe and America.

The cold war, which gave rise to the terms west bloc and east bloc, politically ended with the dissolution of the Soviet Union. However, the struggle for influence between the big countries is still and will continue.

What is interesting now is the joining of Russia and China through large-scale military exercises. Even though it is just a joint military exercise, this could make the United States carry out new foreign strategies and policies, in anticipation of China and Russia's movements. As is known, the relationship between China and the United States, still has problems. Likewise between Washington and Moscow.

Efforts to find a balance of power and influence between the big countries have made the development of international politics more dynamic.

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