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Djowo Sekatul Village in Kendal

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The nuance of rural area where only  torch lighting is available, and there is no television but the people can access internet. Farmers plow the rice field by using buffalo, birdsong, adding peaceful atmosphere in the morning. The atmosphere will be obtained at Kampung Djowo located in Dukuh Sekatul, Margosari Village, Limbangan sub-district, Kendal regency, Central Java. Kampung Djowo is a tourist object with an area reaching ​​about 12 hectares and located at the foot of Mount Ungaran. The tourist object has a beautiful natural panorama with cool Medini hills and the stretching of tea garden around Kampung Djowo Sekatul.

To get to Kampung Djowo Sekatul, it can be taken 30 minutes by private vehicle or approximately 60 minutes by public transportation, both from Semarang and Ungaran. From Kendal, the object can be accessed through Kaliwungu also approximately 30 minutes by private vihecles. With an entrance fee of only Rp2,000 for students and Rp3,000 for public. The visitors can see the six big joglo house and the antique goods in it. Starting from trinkets, ornaments, carvings as well as classical Javanese furnitures are well maintained neatly. The Javanese nuances can feel more if you spend the night in Kampung Djowo. No mercury lights and you have to forget the television programs a moment. However, there are several hot spot to access the internet.

In addition to offering the uniqueness of classical buildings and all types of Javanese atmosphere, Kampung Djowo Sekatul also offers an interesting agro tourism village. Paddy fields, medicinal plants cultivation, ornamental flowers, vanilla plantations and fresh strawberries that can be picked directly, fruit cultivation and fishing arena can be found in Kampung Djowo Sekatul. For educational tour it is offered a package of making process of brown sugar, tofu and tempe. Kampung Djowo Sekatul also features camping facilities and garden party facilities. The area not just presents a uniqueness of Joglo Classic and still maintained its authenticity. The existence of Kampung Djowo is also a proof of the loyalty of the owner, KPH Herry Djojonegoro to the history and efforts to preserving Javanese culture.


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