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A delegation of eight UK Artificial Intelligence (AI) organisations will be in Jakarta on 25-27 September 2023 for the first UK AI Mission to Indonesia. The delegation includes representatives from the Alan Turing Institute—the UK’s leading national institute for AI and Data Science.

The mission focuses on understanding the latest policy developments in AI connecting experts from government, industry and academia and sharing knowledge and best practice across the tech community to help realise the UK’s and Indonesia’s shared ambition of establishing an inclusive digital ecosystem.

According to a released received by Voice of Indonesia on Thursday, the delegation will meet with a number of Indonesian interlocutors including the Indonesian National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN), GoTo, and the Indonesia AI Society.

This mission follows the second UK - Indonesia Joint Economic and Trade Committee (JETCO) meeting in July this year, where
both countries agreed to deepen collaboration in digital economy. It also comes ahead of the UK’s first AI Safety Summit on 1-2 November 2023 in London.

As home to some of the best research institutions in the world, and one of the top three in the Global AI Index 2022, the UK has globally-recognised capabilities in AI-related disciplines.

The eight organisations taking part in this mission represent a range of expertise including education & training, health-tech, and defence.

By fostering partnerships with their Indonesian counterparts, both in research capacity and tech commercialisation, the delegation is keen to identify areas where they can work together in harnessing the power of AI for the good of society.

“Enhancing our cooperation in the digital space is a key element under the UK-Indonesia Partnership Roadmap. The UK has world-renowned AI expertise, and a rich history in this field. I have been fortunate enough to meet some of the organisations that make up the flourishing AI ecosystem here in Indonesia too. Our visiting UK AI delegation demonstrates our commitment to partnering with Indonesia to realise the digital potential in both countries, and to working together to ensure the safe and responsible development of AI on the global stage", British Chargé d'Affaires ad interim to Indonesia and Timor Leste, Matt Downing, said//VOI


Archipelagic and Island States (AIS) Forum 2023 - 



Jakarta, 21 September 2023 – Indonesia is hosting the High Level Conference (Summit) Archipelagic and Island States (AIS) Forum 2023 which will take place in Bali Province on October 11 next.

A number of observers also assessed that this forum would be Indonesia's contribution as an initiator dealing with global issues related to maritime affairs. 

This was said by the Coordinator of Destructive Fishing Watch (DFW) Indonesia, Mohamad Abdi Suhufan, when contacted in Jakarta, Thursday (21/9/2023). 

One of them, said Abdi, is marine-based tourism. Among the regions in Indonesia that have. This potential is DKI Jakarta which he said has the potential to develop and to support life for coastal residents.

"Like in the Thousand Islands, the trend of marine tourism will continue to develop," said Abdi Suhufan.

According to a release received by Voice of Indonesia on Thursday, the potential for marine tourism development is based on existing natural resources and riches, like; It is home to hundreds of types of fish, coral reefs, mangroves and animals protected rarity.

Abdi Suhufan said that the development of marine tourism would be realized quickly if it happened strong synergy between stakeholders and coastal communities. 

The government and private sector need to encourage the community to become the main actors in this realizing a blue economy in the capital city, so that it can receive large and pressing benefits potential conflict.

On the other hand, the community must also increase their capacity and awareness about tourism sustainable by protecting marine ecosystems from damage and pollution. 

Another thing that needs to be done is improving and ensuring the availability of basic infrastructure in coastal areas, such as telecommunications facilities, clean water and electricity//VOI


The 2023 Australia-Indonesia Muslim Exchange Program (AIMEP) - 



Fourteen emerging Australian Muslim community leaders visiting Indonesia as part of the 2023 Australia-Indonesia Muslim Exchange Program (AIMEP) have begun their week long program in Jakarta.

AIMEP focuses on people-to-people exchange and dialogue, aiming to break down stereotypes, build deeper understanding of our respective communities and societies, and foster collaboration and lasting connections. The Australian delegation will visit key organisations and institutions including Nahdlatul Ulama, Muhammadiyah, and Istiqlal Mosque.

“The people-to-people connections made through AIMEP build greater understanding between Indonesia and Australia and enrich both our communities. It’s an opportunity for emerging leaders to experience first-hand the thriving multicultural societies of Indonesia and Australia,” said Chargé d’Affaires at the Australian Embassy Steve Scott.

According to a release received by Voice of Indonesia on Thursday, this year, AIMEP returns to an in-person model after taking place online through 2021-22. The Australian delegates visiting Indonesia this month were among 58 delegates from Indonesia and Australia who took part in the 2021-22 virtual exchange.

2021 Australian delegate and online alumni Dean Mousad said, “It seems so long ago – 2021 – when we were doing our online program for AIMEP. Alhamdulillah, it’s all coming to life and we are going to see each other in the flesh in Indonesia insyaAllah. I’m really looking forward to gaining new knowledge and experiences, and also sharing ours.”

The Australian AIMEP delegates participating in the visit include emerging community leaders from Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, and the Gold Coast. They include youth leaders, entrepreneurs, mental health practitioners, teachers, lawyers, and people working in women’s empowerment.

AIMEP was established in 2002 by the Australian Government through the Australia-Indonesia Institute//VOI


The National Peer Learning Meeting (PLM) 2023 in Yogyakarta - 


The National Library of Indonesia (Perpusnas) successfully held the National Peer Learning Meeting (PLM) in 2023. DIY Governor Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono X fully supports this event which was held in Yogyakarta. Thursday 21 September 2023 PLM officially closed.

National PLM 2023 is a knowledge sharing and experience sharing activity in the social inclusion-based library transformation program (TPBIS). The 2023 National PLM carries the theme "Strengthening Literacy towards a Prosperous Society through Creative and Innovative Libraries".

According to a release received by Voice of Indonesia on Thursday, National Library Library Resource Development Deputy Adin Bondar said that the 2023 Peer Learning Meeting (PLM) activity is expected to make library practitioners and managers through Social Inclusion Based Library Transformation (TPBIS) motivated to carry out innovation and creativity. 

"The reason is that through this activity the impact felt by the community is very clear because it improves community welfare," said Deputy for Resource Development at the National Library of Indonesia, Adin Bondar, after the closing of the 2023 National PLM in Yogyakarta, Thursday (21/9/2023).

He said, through the applied literacy that we carried out through library transformation from 2018 - 2023, marginalized communities have gained a new insight into their quality of life, so that many participants through this social inclusion-based transformation got new jobs and also new businesses.

"Through the transfer of knowledge in village libraries, in open spaces, they learn contextual life skills and share experiences with village residents," he explained.

Adin hopes that the 1100 participants who attended the PLM event in Yogyakarta will be able to become role models and also literacy companions for the community.

In fact, it is hoped that the impact of this literacy on both the problem of extreme poverty and also the problem of malnutrition and stunting, which reaches 1.6 percent, can be affirmed and the problem can be resolved quickly.

It is said that the problem of malnutrition, stunting and poverty, although it tends to decrease, if we consider that this problem is not only a factor of economic poverty, but is mostly a problem of ignorance by families and society.

"This is where literacy comes in, the nation's problems can be solved by them using a literacy approach," he stressed.

For this reason, National Library continues to collaborate with government and private institutions so that problems can be resolved.

Adin also said that the presence of the Governor of DI Yogyakarta Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono will carry out massive collaboration and the community will truly understand the very essential role of inclusion in improving their lives.

It was explained that the results of PLM activities from 2018 - 2023 factually prove that many people who previously did not have jobs have acquired new skills and skills so that they produce.

Meanwhile, the Cost Benefit Ratio of this program is 2.30, which means every Rp. 1 (one) The costs incurred will produce a benefit of IDR 2.30. This means that if you invest IDR 1 for library transformation, you will get a return on investment of 2.3 times.

"But because the scope is still small, the macro impact is not yet visible," he stressed. It is said that literacy can have an impact on happiness. In literacy of life, it is explained that literacy can build happiness. We need to encourage this," he said.

Head of the Center for Public and Special Library Development, Nani Suryani hopes that after this event, participants from all corners of the archipelago can continue the results of the self-assessment process to find out the performance of program implementation and the mentoring process carried out so that Social Inclusion Based Library Transformation activities in libraries managed increases and is more useful in increasing literacy for the welfare of society.

"We also hope that you will remember, absorb and apply new insights about best practices in library management which are important for the sustainability of library transformation. "And in the spirit of developing the country, immediately prepare and implement follow-up plans for the implementation of each library program," said Nani Suryani.

Nani Suryani also congratulated the award winners as proof of their performance in managing the Social Inclusion Based Library Transformation Program.

“For those who have not succeeded in showing their best, don't be discouraged. Keep working and be enthusiastic in implementing the Social Inclusion Based Library Transformation Program which can provide benefits for the people in their respective environments to innovate and continue to work," Nani stated//VOI