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The Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries held the 10th WWF National Committee Coordination Meeting in Bali, Laguna Resort and Spa to discuss the progress of preparations for the 10th World Water Forum (WWF), (Photo : Kemenkomarves) - 



VOInews, Bali : Coordinating Minister Luhut opened this coordination meeting by warmly welcoming the 10th WWF National Committee. Then Coordinating Minister Luhut immediately said that, "Interest in this WWF event is increasing. Today 13,448 people from 148 countries have registered. The VVIP delegation consists of eight heads of state and deputy heads of government, three special envoys and 38 ministers.

"Apart from that, there are members of parliament from various countries, regional representatives, associations, private companies and youth," he explained. This agenda will be attended by the President of the Republic of Indonesia, and VVIP. According to Coordinating Minister Luhut, the presence of the President of the Republic of Indonesia and VVIP requires us to prepare the World Water Forum These 10 are the maximum possible.

According to the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment, media publications, especially international ones, need to be well guarded. Ministerial Declaration with the outcome of three Indonesian proposals, namely Integrated water resources management on small islands, Center of excellence on water and climate resilience and the declaration of World Lake Day, which will be submitted to the UN to become the UN Water Agenda.

Coordinating Minister Luhut added, "Apart from that, we also have to produce concrete deliverables from WWF, which will implement 120 strategic projects related to water worth 9.4 billion USD, including a follow-up to Indonesia's initiative at the G20 in 2022, namely the G20 Bali Global Blended Finance Alliance ( GBFA) which will support funding for climate action including overcoming the water crisis. We will launch the GBFA Secretariat and sign LoIs with several countries as Founding Members on May 20. The State Secretariat and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs hope to facilitate high-level invitees who have not yet received access. he added.

Coordinating Minister Luhut noted that security is also a very important factor. starting from the comfort of the invitees who attended, to all the quite large number of participants in this WWF event. Then Coordinating Minister Luhut invited the PUPR Minister as daily chairman of the 10th WWF National Committee to explain the progress of preparations for the 10th WWF.

"In this WWF National Committee Coordination Meeting, Mr. Basuki Hadimuljo as Daily Chair said that there would be a Ministerial Meeting attended by 103 Ministers from 132 countries," he explained. "All of this is still moving, because there are still 99 countries that have not yet been confirmed, said the Minister of PUPR , daily chairman of the 10th WWF implementation.

"We invite 4 schools every day to enjoy this forum," said the 10th Chief Executive of WWF.

According to a release received by Voice of Indonesia on Friday (17/05/24) in Jakarta, WWF's Chief Executive also said that, as of May 17 2024, of the 13,000 who registered formally, there were around 2,900 National participants, and for ministries and committees there were 1,600 people. There were 1,357 speakers from within and outside the country and there were 4,890 media exhibitors and sponsors.

There will be 2 exhibitions at BNDCC, namely the Country Pavilion and the Organization Pavilion. There are 21 countries that are certain to take part in this exhibition.

In the 10th WWF there will also be a Fair and Expo. There were 188 media outlets and 690 journalists. 41 international media, 64 national media.

TNI Commander Agus Subiyanto explained the progress of preparations related to security.

The TNI Commander explained, "We have carried out embarkation using 4 KRIs, 2 Hercules units, and 1 N95 unit, as well as disembarkation at Benoa Bali port," he said.

"We have also inspected the venue and Helipad, then the total security personnel reached 8,800 people," added the TNI Commander.

"On May 17 2024, TFG will be held," said TNI Commander Agus.

The National Police Chief explained, "our personnel involvement plan is 5,791 people. The deployment of capabilities and personnel dislocations have now all been set in place, both in ring 1 to join Paspampres, then rings 2 and 3.

"Then we have prepared the route area, including traffic flow engineering," explained the National Police Chief in his presentation.

In this coordination meeting, Wisnu Tama as EO of de Pacto explained the progress of preparations for holding WWF.

The Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy also said on the occasion, "We want to ensure that this WWF event before the President finishes his term of office becomes a memorable event.

Finally, Coordinating Minister Luhut said, "I can conclude that our preparations are quite good, there are still 2 days to prepare. I really ask the police, BIN and TNI, to ensure that security is properly maintained so that it is safe, because otherwise this could all end," he concluded.

"Then regarding rubbish, the Governor has ensured that the rubbish cannot be seen during the World Water Forum," concluded Coordinating Minister Luhut//VOI


Indonesian Vice President, Ma'aruf Amin visited a book exhibition on the occasion of National Book Day at the Jakarta National Library building (Photo : Perpusnas) - 



VOInews, Jakarta : The Indonesian Vice President (Wapres) Ma'ruf Amin launched the Village Literacy Movement which was the highlight of the 44th Anniversary of the National Library of the Republic of Indonesia (Perpusnas) and National Book Day 2024. In his speech, on Friday (17/05/24) at Jakarta National Library Building, Vice President of Indonesia, Ma'aruf Amin said that the village literacy movement invites active participation of village communities in creating superior human resources and competitiveness in developing villages in Indonesia.

"The village literacy movement that will be launched today invites the active participation of village communities in creating superior and competitive human resources, especially in developing villages in Indonesia. This movement should be able to shape and change the mindset of village communities so that they can actively participate in development and empowerment programs for village communities launched by the government", Vice President said. 

Vice President Ma'aruf Amin added that books are the main medium for increasing literacy and a prerequisite for the birth of intellect. Books also encourage the development of critical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities. Therefore libraries are important as a source of inspiration and a center for community literacy activities. 


Meanwhile, Acting Director of National Library E. Aminudin Aziz stated that one of National Library's missions is to organize a program to improve the reading culture and literacy skills of the community.


Since 2015, this program has become a national movement to welcome a Golden Indonesia 2045. However, the results of literacy development are still often questioned considering that facts are still found that show the low level of interest in reading among students and the general public.


"We believe that the low level of reading interest and literacy skills is due to the lack of availability of reading books that suit readers' interests. In fact, data shows that people's interest in reading is actually quite high," he said.


He said that the National Library was making efforts to coordinate with various stakeholders in providing quality books.


"Alignment of policies and programs that we have implemented is carried out with Bappenas, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Education and Culture, and Ministry of Villages PDTT with coordination from the Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture," he said.


The understanding to harmonize literacy development policies and programs, he continued, resulted in several initiatives, namely National Library will build reading rooms in 10 thousand villages and community reading parks with the support of a thousand reading book titles for each reading room, the Ministry of Education and Culture will distribute around 27 million reading books to the surrounding area.

45 thousand elementary schools, the Ministry of Home Affairs optimizes the role of libraries in provinces, districts and cities to facilitate literacy programs, the Ministry of Villages PDTT provides village budget support for the operation of reading rooms and TBM in villages.

In the peak event, there was a symbolic handover of 10 million books for 10,000 villages, a symbolic handover of 27 million books for 45,000 elementary schools, a symbolic handover of library development aid in the form of mobile library cars and mobile library service motorbikes.

The event commemorating the 44th Anniversary of the National Library in 2024 was also enlivened with various exhibitions, such as library exhibitions from time to time, quality book exhibitions, exhibitions of ancient manuscripts and manuscripts, exhibitions of mobile libraries and TBMs, exhibitions of library transformation based on social inclusion (TPBIS), and exhibitions creativity of literacy activists//VOI



Head of the Village Information and Development Agency, Ministry of Villages, Development of Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration of the Republic of Indonesia, Ivanovich Agusta giving his remarks (Photo : Perpusnas) - 



VOInews, Jakarta : Head of the Village Information and Development Agency, Ministry of Villages, Development of Disadvantaged Regions and Transmigration of the Republic of Indonesia, Ivanovich Agusta said, to build a village, a community reading garden (TBM) and village libraries are needed. This is one measure village development. 

He conveyed this at the National Sector Coordination Meeting (Rakornas). Library which took place at the Mercure Hotel, Jakarta on Tuesday (14/5/2024).

Ivan was a speaker on the theme "Village Fund Policy in the Construction and Development of Village Libraries and Reading Materials Quality.”

Participants participated in this activity in a hybrid manner, online via the Zoom application and live broadcasts on the National Library channel on YouTube, as well as face to face or offline. 

"If you look at the village, there is a village development index which is a measure for get village funds. There is a social resilience index and an educational aspect. "The condition is that the village must have a TBM with a village library or another name," he said.

Ivan explained that the 2016 Village Regulations in which libraries played a role were 0.8 percent of total village development. 2023 data that has There are libraries in 33 thousand villages, 30 thousand villages are active. There are 41 thousand villages yet has a TBM and village library.

As far as the village library will be to advance villages, the Ministry of Villages and Bapennas have calculated one. The main factor in developing villages is the emergence of libraries.

“So, there is a positive correlation "when villages develop village libraries, they are more advanced and independent," he explained Ivan.

According to a release received by Voice of Indonesia on Tuesday (14/05/24), there are 10 thousand villages and TBM gets a thousand book titles each with a total of 10 million book titles so it is very helpful for village libraries. Task The Ministry of Villages opens up opportunities, but it all depends on the results village deliberation. An important stakeholder is the head of the empowerment service community and village//VOI



Deputy for Human Development, Society and Culture, Ministry of National Development Planning / Bappenas Amich Alhumami, giving his remarks on the National Sector Coordination Meeting (Rakornas) Library (Photo : Perpusnas) - 



VOInews, Jakarta : Deputy for Human Development, Society and Culture, Ministry of National Development Planning / Bappenas Amich Alhumami, said that the government has a dream to become a developed country within the next two decades. He conveyed this at the National Sector Coordination Meeting (Rakornas) Library, which took place at the Mercure Hotel, Jakarta on Tuesday (14/5/2024).

Meanwhile, Amich presented material with the title "Development policy literacy as a National Priority in the 2025 – 2029 RPJMN”. “Indonesia can become a developed country, characterized by high achievements in many fields. In relevant development sectors and will indicate for creating a quality nation. Reflected in economic productivity, achievements in development of education, science and technological innovation which are barometers for see whether the nation has good achievements or not," he explained.

However, continued Amich, currently the human capital index is only 0.54 percent. That This means that people born today will become productive humans 18 years later with that percentage.

“This is relatively low, meaning there must be an increase in the sector health and education. "Because literacy skills will be reflected there," he added.

According to a release received by Voice of Indonesia on Tuesday (14/05/24), in realizing the vision of Golden Indonesia 2045, education plays an important role creating superior and quality human resources with literacy skills. “Want to come in Companies must demonstrate good literacy skills, reading work manual, understand instructions, oriented to the work field and responsible for the task at hand," he explained. 

Amich said that in Golden Indonesia 2045, the government also has a vision education 2045. With a population of 278 million people, if an analysis is made Population structure according to age group and level of education, majority 59 percent of the population only graduated from junior high school/madrasah tsanawiyah (MTs) and below. 

“Literacy is important in the future and can both identify and strengthen. There is no absolute doubt that the increasingly advanced world is developing and competitive. It requires the most elementary and complex literacy skills. Through literacy can encourage societal transformation in various dimensions of life, even by utilizing technology, including artificial intelligence, to achieve achievements high," he said//VOI