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Friday, 20 August 2021 11:11

The World Await Taliban's Promises

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After 20 years of war, the Taliban managed to wrest power from the Afghan government, which is strongly backed by the United States and its allies. The world was flabbergasted. Some are even trying to digest the fact that Kabul has fallen into the hands of the Taliban. Some are pessimistic about the future of Afghanistan, but others are trying to be realistic.

Since Monday 16 August 2021, the day after the Taliban occupied Kabul, the group has continued to try to change its political style and shift from physical combat to diplomacy. The Taliban continue to try to convince the world of the legitimacy of their rule.

Quoting ANTARA / at a press conference / Taliban's main spokesman Zahibullah Muhajid asked the international community to recognize their rule over Afghanistan. Muhajid also made many promises, including that everyone would be forgiven even those who had worked with the previous government or with foreign governments. The Taliban also promised to respect women's rights but within the norms of Islamic law.

The question is, will the Taliban change and fulfill its promises?

US President Joe Biden said the Taliban would never change, especially regarding the group's basic principles. Although the Taliban vowed to implement a more open government and guarantee women's rights, Biden is pessimistic that the group can implement a democratic system in Afghanistan. Biden insists that economic and diplomatic pressure, not military force, is needed to ensure the Taliban protect and guarantee women's rights in Afghanistan.

The concern of the Afghan people over the rule of the Taliban is very understandable, given the past history. Not only the Afghan people, the world also asks the Taliban to show through concrete actions, not only promises and statements. So they can dispel the fear of many people about the guarantee of freedom and security in the country.

If Biden is pessimistic, then UNICEFF is not. The UN agency which deals with aid for children around the world, is optimistic that it can cooperate with the Taliban, especially in supporting education for children and women.

The Taliban are currently in the euphoria of victory and will continue to speak in an idealistic setting. But they should not only promise. The words must be realized in order to be able to create a positive image that is far from violence. So that they can get recognition and support of the international community.

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