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Baduy Traditional Clothes

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On August 16, President Joko Widodo delivered his state speech at the 2021 Annual Session of the People's Consultative Assembly of the Republic of Indonesia (MPR RI). Interestingly, at the event President Joko Widodo wore the traditional clothing of the Baduy Luar or outer Baduy tribe from the province of Banten. Jokowi often wears traditional clothes at every Annual Session of the Indonesian People's Consultative Assembly. Last year, he wore the traditional Sabu clothing from East Nusa Tenggara. Two years earlier, in 2019 the president wore the traditional clothes of the Sasak tribe of West Nusa Tenggara. At this annual session, Jokowi was seen wearing an all-black outfit with a blue headgear or telekung. In addition, the president also wore a sling bag made of woven bark and black leather sandals.

The Presidential Staff Office via its Twitter account explained that the preparation of this traditional clothes was assisted directly by Jaro Saija, Baduy community leader who is also the head of Kanekes Village. In the Twitter account of the Presidential Staff Office, it was also explained that the president chose to wear traditional Baduy clothing as a form of respect and appreciation for the nobility of the traditional values and culture of the Baduy tribe. The traditional clothes consist of Telekung, Kutung, Beubeur and Samping Aros. Telekung itself is a headgear. In his appearance, Jokowi wore a black telekung with a dark blue pattern. Telekung is often called as Koncer or Roma and it is the original woven fabric of the Baduy community.  Then, Katung or Jaman Sangsang, is a long-sleeved white traditional clothing without a collar. Jokowi chose to wear a black Katung, in line with his telekung color which is also dominated by dark colors. To complement the traditional clothes worn by President Joko Widodo, a beubeur is also seen. Beubeur is a belt draped around the waist, beubeur is made of cloth. Jokowi also perfected his look with Samping Aros, an indigo-colored sarong with white stripes worn to the knees.

A historian named Asep Kambali said the clothes worn by President Jokowi at the Annual Session was the traditional clothes of the Baduy Luar or outer Baduy tribe. Because the clothes worn are black and neatly sewn wearing buttons.  As quoted by, the all-black color attached to the Baduy Luar traditional clothes symbolizes that they are no longer pure. This is because, unlike the Baduy Dalam tribe or inner Baduy tribe, Baduy Luar tribe is familiar with various innovations and technologies from the outside world, which are not allowed by the Inner Baduy.

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