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Habang Seasoning

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If the situation is getting better when we can travel again, please visit various regions in Indonesia, such as South Kalimantan. In addition to visiting beautiful tourist objects, in South Kalimantan, you can also enjoy a variety of special foods. You will find a variety of foods with the name Masak Habang.  There are Chicken Masak Habang, Egg Masak Habang and Snakehead Fish Masak Habang. Masak Habang is actually a seasoning. It is very commonly found in various kinds of cuisine typically Banjar tribe in South Kalimantan. Habang in Banjar language means red. Just like the name, Masak Habang seasoning is red-colored.

The red color of Masak Habang seasoning is produced from the main ingredient, which is dried red chili. This seasoning also uses shallots, garlic, ginger, cinnamon, terasi or shrimp paste, salt, and brown sugar. Even though it has a dark red appearance, Masak Habang seasoning doesn't taste spicy but tastes a bit sweet because it uses brown sugar as a food delicacy.

Various kinds of dishes can be combined with Masak Habang spices. The most common ones are hintalu (eggs), haruan fish (snakehead fish), chicken or chili sauce. Masak Habang dishes are often served at sultanate events, parties, weddings and formal events. As time goes by, this food can be enjoyed by all people and become a culinary heritage from Kalimantan. It is not difficult to find restaurants or food stalls that sell this menu in Banjar regency and other areas in Kalimantan.

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