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Sungai Batang Tourist Village

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Sungai Batang Tourist Village has entered the top 50 of the Indonesian Tourism Village Award (ADWI) 2021. The competition was initiated by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy. The selection of tourist villages is based on the assessment of the board of curators on seven categories of assessment, classification of tourist villages and completeness of data through site. Currently, the Award Jury Council along with the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga Uno are visiting the 50 tourist villages including Sungai Batang Tourist Village.

Sungai Batang Tourist Village is located near Lake Maninjau, precisely in Tanjung Raya District, Agam Regency, West Sumatra Province. Sungai Batang Tourism Village has natural, cultural, historical and religious tourism. Not only that, Sungai Batang Tourist Village is the birthplace of the Indonesian National Hero, Buya Hamka.

Sungai Batang Village has natural potential with a beautiful panorama of Lake Maninjau. This village also has rice fields. Located near the rice fields with calm water, you can see the cranes flying. Besides, you can enjoy a variety of typical dishes too. Sungai Batang village is abundant with small yellowish-white fish commodities, which are commonly called Rinuak. This fish is an endemic animal of Lake Maninjau, this fish can be processed into various kinds of food and become one of the typical souvenirs of Sungai Batang village. For those of you who want to stay overnight, there is a homestay with a typical Minang design.

As the birthplace of a religious figure, Buya Hamka, Sungai Batang Tourist Village is rich in historical and religious tourism. The tomb site of Sheikh Muhammad Amrullah, the great scholar and grandfather of Buya Hamka, is a place for religious tourism to be offered. In addition, Buya Hamka museum is also a tourist attraction that is often visited by foreign tourists. Just like the name, this museum specializes in the collection of objects left by Buya Hamka, where the building is the house where Hamka was born before moving to Padang Panjang. This museum has an architectural form like Gadang House with a gabled roof and Minang carving ornaments.

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