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Kaluang Island in Aceh

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Keluang Island is located in Babah Le Village, Jaya District, Aceh Jaya District. This island is one of several islands in Aceh Jaya. Besides having an exotic view, Keluang Island also keeps a hidden beauty with trees neatly arranged surrounding. With white sand on one side of the island plus solid rock cliffs, it makes this island look even more beautiful. Kaluang Island has very clear water and of course, provides quite amazing underwater views. This island has a natural cave that offers an exotic sensation; this cave is named Kelelawar Cave which is quite challenging to explore. To enter the Cave, you have to go by boat, and it is best to do it at high tide. Then, you will be challenged to dare to go down the cave where the cave has a lot of bats. In addition, in the cave, you will see various kinds of unique rocks formed by nature.

If you have finished exploring the cave, you can enjoy the dense tropical forest on this island. The beauty of the tropical forest here does not need to be doubted, because it has several species that are quite unique. If you have been to this forest, you can also spend time bathing in very clear sea water. When bathing, you don't have to worry about being swept away by the waves, because on the coast of this island there are no big waves. Otherwise, you will get quite calm waters.

To get to Kaluang Island, from Banda Aceh, you have to go to Lamno which is 78 kilometers by motor vehicles about 1 hour 30 minutes. Then, you still have to continue the journey by renting a fishing boat for shuttle, usually enough to pay Rp 300,000 – Rp 350,000 with a crossing time of about 25 minutes. On Kaluang Island, there are no adequate facilities, such as resting places that are quite comfortable to enjoy beautiful scenery. However, you are recommended to bring your own food and drink since here there is no food vendor!

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