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Labuan Bajo port is very strategic because it is the entrance to the province of East Nusa Tenggara -NTT. In addition, it is also the entrance to the Komodo Island National Park. Because every tourist who will come to Labuan Bajo by sea, land, or air will go to Labuan Bajo port to cross to Komodo Island National Park. Labuan Bajo port will be converted only as a passenger and tourist port, because it is famous for its beautiful sea tourism. So, many tourists come to Labuan Bajo for vacation and enjoy its natural attractions.

The name Labuan Bajo is taken from the names Labuan and Bajo. The word Labuan is taken from the port, because the Labuan Bajo area is a place for large or small ships to dock when entering the province of the NTT by sea. So over time, it is commonly referred to as Labuan. Bajo is taken from the name of the Bajo Tribe, known as the coastal tribe who usually lives on boats or houses on stilts, which are made above the sea and then survive by catching fish from various waters. It can be said that the original Labuan Bajo tribe is the Bajo Tribe who has lived and settled in Labuan Bajo for decades.

The location of Labuan Bajo port is indeed very strategic. Besides being on the national route which is the entrance to the province of the NTT, it is about 3.5 km or 10 minutes by cars, quite close to Komodo International Airport. When your ship docks at Labuan Bajo Harbor, you don't have to worry about lodging and other supporting facilities. Lodging such as inns, hotels, and villas with prices starting at 100 thousand per night are available around the Labuan Bajo port. In addition, public transportation is easy for you to find, such as motorcycle taxis or small buses. You can also look for motorbike, car, or minibus rentals that are available not far from Labuan Bajo harbor.

Labuan Bajo port and its surroundings are also widely available for food and drinks, with prices starting at 10 thousand per food menu and 5 thousand per drink menu. Although Labuan Bajo Village is not too big, the facilities here really support the needs of tourists so that the inspiration for the tourism business here is quite increased. Therefore, there are many facilities available around the port that you can use when traveling to Labuan Bajo by sea route. Labuan Bajo is not only rich in tourism destinations, but also in culture and language that are rarely found in other regions in Indonesia. Thereby, please make your plans from now on to travel to Labuan Bajo via Labuan Bajo port.

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