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Ranupani is the most popular area for climbers of Mt. Semeru. Being located at an altitude of 2100 meters above sea level, the Ranupani village is the last village to climb Mt. Semeru. Every day, many tourists come by car, jeep, and motorbike to Ranupani village. Ranupani Tourism Village can be reached in several ways. For tourists from Lumajang City, they can go to Senduro and pass Alas Burno to arrive at this tourism village. Meanwhile, tourists coming from Malang can pass through the Tumpang market. They can also go through National Road III by taking a private vehicle or public transportation.

If you travel to Ranupani, you can also visit the lakes of Ranu Regulo and Ranu Kumbolo. Apart from traveling the natural tourism, you can also taste culinary of  various foods, including potato chips, stir-fried Tumewu, Tropong chili sauce, pre-onion chili sauce, Semenan nuggets, Semenan spring rolls, cement chips, and Tengger eggplant jam. If you are looking for souvenirs to take home, you can buy handicrafts made of bamboo as well as woven fabrics and batik.

Ranupani Tourism Village has also cultural performances, such as Jaran Kepang which has become one of the cultural attractions in the Ranu Pani area. To preserve culture, the tourism village has also built an amphitheater as a place for performing arts and cultures. For you who want to stay here, don't worry, there are 41 homestays available. There are also restaurant facilities and clean toilets. If one day you will go to Ranupani when the pandemic is over, don't forget to capture the natural beauty of this tourism village with your camera.

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