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Tuesday, 05 October 2021 12:50

Elak-Elak Beach

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For those of you who love beach, visit West Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB). There are many beautiful beaches. One of them is Elak-Elak Beach. Elak-Elak Beach is located in Sekotong area, West Lombok, precisely in Batu Putih Village. If you depart from Mataram City, the capital of West Nusa Tenggara province,  it takes an hour and a half by driving to arrive at this place. If you are from Lombok International Airport, it takes about 3 hours by motorbike or private car. Access to the location is quite easy and convenient, because the condition of the main road to the location has been paved.

According to the Sasak language, one of the traditional tribes that inhabit the island of Lombok, Elak Elak means tongue. According to the story, this beach is called Elak Elak because it is a cape jutting into the sea which at first glance has a shape similar to a human tongue. This beach is classified as a beach that has not been visited by many tourists, so the atmosphere is calmer and quieter, suitable for those of you who are looking for solitude. To enter this attraction, you are charged an entrance fee of IDR 5,000 per person. If you bring a motorized vehicle, there will be an additional parking fee of IDR 2,000 for motorbikes or IDR 5,000 for cars.

Elak-Elak Beach has a very beautiful natural charm. The character of clean white sand, combined with the clear blue sea water. Along the shoreline, there are rows of trees that add to the shady atmosphere, making it very suitable as a place to relax and unwind or have a picnic with your beloved family. Elak-Elak Beach does not have high waves. Therefore, you can swim at this beach safely. In addition, Elak-Elak Beach also has an amazing underwater natural beauty where you can snorkel and dive to enjoy the beautiful underwater scenery. This beach also has another uniqueness, namely there is a coral island which is quite close to the beach. The island is actually a rock sticking out of the sea, forming a hill. At the top of the reef is overgrown with several trees. Coral Island can be visited. You don't need to rent a canoe, just walk, especially at low tide. You can take pictures or surround the coral island. You should still be careful not to slip and fall.

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