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Wednesday, 23 May 2018 12:50

It Needs A Joint Movement To Combat ISIS

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The Islamic State Group of Iraq and Syria, ISIS have left the Syrian capital. As reported, the Syrian Military have forced  the radical rebel group out of Damascus, after the Military completely controlled  the city. The expulsion of ISIS from Damascus has made the citizens of Damascus feel more relaxed and able to observe  their holy month Ramadan in peace. But not long after the ISIS left   Damascus, at least 26 Syrian troops and their allies were reportedly attacked and  killed by the ISIS group in the Badya region.

A human rights monitoring organization in Syria reported, ISIS attacked one of  military headquarters at dawn, targeting the government forces in Badiya desert area on the Iraqi and Syrian border. The expulsion of the ISIS group from Damascus and the following ceasefire, did not immediately stop the acts of violence by the ISIS. Attempts to eliminate the group  can not  be done by the Syrian government alone. The location of the radical group movements in the Iraqi and Syrian border should be jointly carried out by both countries.

The problem is, their concentration is not just to combat ISIS which   had entered the territory of Syria and controlled parts of Damascus,  from  2015 until they were forced out just recently. The civil war crisis in Syria then, became one of ISIS's opportunities to enter the country. Until now, Syria is still struggling  with the civil war that began raging in 2011 and has costed    thousands of lives and devastated parts of the region.

The same thing also happened to  Iraq. Therefore ISIS can still move by utilizing the chaos in both countries. Not only that, efforts to anticipate the development of ISIS also should be the attention of other countries. The impact of ISIS on a number of countries, including Indonesia, has caused them  to make serious efforts to anticipate the effects of this movement. ISIS has now become an international threat. The cohesiveness in  stopping the group should be a common concern.

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