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Ragit Jalo

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If the situation gets better and you can travel, come to Indonesia where there are a lot of recreational activities. One of them is a culinary tour. Palembang could be your culinary destination. Bumi Sriwijaya is known for its delicious culinary delights. Pempek is famous and Ragit Jalo is very delicious. At glance, the Ragit Jalo has the shape of a net like Indian net bread.

Ragit Jalo is a flour-based dish that is eaten with curry sauce. What makes it unique is that the yeast dough is shaped like a folded net. Then, it is eaten with curry soup. The ingredients of Ragit Jalo are wheat flour, eggs, salt and cooked water. These ingredients are mixed together to make Ragit Jalo. Then, the dough is poured into the frying pan and shaped like a spider web. Then, it is cooked until done. When it is cooked, the dough is formed in a triangle or rolled up. The curry sauce is made of ingredients such as a budge, a plantain shaft, hot peppers, curry leaves, orange leaves and laurel, sugar, sufficient salt, powdered curry, powdered broth, flavorings, coconut milk, and beef cuts. The Ragit Jalo covered with curry gives the flavor of savory, delicious, spicy, and slightly sour taste that is appetizing.

It is said that the recipe of Ragit Jalo was obtained from traders from Gujarat, India, who entered the territory of the Sriwijaya Kingdom in the early 7th century AD. The delicacy of Ragit Jalo was so popular at that time and it became a favorite dish in the royal family. If there was a celebration held in the kingdom, Ragit Jalo was certain to be one of the mandatory menus to be served to the guests of honor. This snack was also favored by traders from Persia who stopped over and settled in the royal area. Currently, Ragit Jalo can be enjoyed not only by the royal family, but also the whole community. The price is also quite affordable from Rp 9,000 to Rp 15,000 per portion. For those who are interested in trying it, they can come to the Arab merchant community at Kuto Market, Kuto Baru and Sayangan in Palembang City, South Sumatra. On normal days, Ragit Jalo is usually served as a breakfast menu or when there is an alms event. But don't worry! During the fasting month, Ragit Jalo is easily obtained at Ramadan culinary centers in Palembang, such as Jalan Ratna Talang Semut. Because in the month of Ramadan, Ragit Jalo is one of the typical iftar menus for the people of Palembang.

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