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Friday, 29 October 2021 12:04

China-Taiwan Must Refrain, To Defuse Conflict

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Military tensions between China and Taiwan are at their worst since 40 years ago. This condition comes after China sent a record number of military jets to Taiwan's air defense zone for four consecutive days.

AFP in its report on Thursday, October 28, 2021, said that relations between Beijing and Taipei continued to heat up, especially after Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen took office.

Regarding the escalation of tension in Taiwan-China relations and the attention of foreign countries towards Taiwan, it can actually be seen from the geographical position of the country.

The island of Taiwan, which is not far from mainland China, has become a strategic point in terms of Indo-Pacific geopolitics. For China, reunification is an ideal choice because by unifying Taiwan, Beijing will have a strategic point in the Pacific for its defense.

As for the United States, as well as Japan, the existence and independence of Taiwan is important. At least to reduce China's power related to the security and geopolitical strategy of the Pacific region.

The threat of armed conflict between China and Taiwan will always exist. This is in line with the increasing tension in relations related to the sovereignty of the two countries. However, although the situation seems often alarming, military experts say, China is not yet ready to launch a military campaign to occupy Taiwan.

One consideration is the response of the United States, which has been known to support Taiwan from the start. Although military planners in Beijing feel that Chinese troops have many advantages, it is not yet known how the United States will react if there really is an open armed conflict, especially regarding military assistance to Taiwan. In addition, any Chinese military intervention to force Taiwan's unification with the mainland could potentially pose its own risks related to China's broader economy and foreign policy.

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