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Monday, 28 May 2018 11:09

Paniai lake, Papua

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Papua nature presents amazing natural enchantment endlessly, such as beach, mountain, cave and lake. One of the lakes which has amazing scenery, is Paniai lake located at East Paniai district, Paniai regency, Papua province. Earlier, Paniai lake, Tigi and Tage lake are named Wisselmeren. The name is a name of pilot of the Dutch nation, namely Frits Julius Wissel who discovered the three lakes for the first time. In the Dutch colonial, the name of Wisselmeren was more popular compared Paniai. Wisselmeren comes from the Dutch language meaning Wissel lakes. Paniai lake is the best and the most beautiful  lake throughout the world which was announced in the World Lake Conference in India on November 30, 2007 among 157 countries that own lakes. Paniai lake has 14,500 hectares wide and it height is 1,700 meters above sea level. Because of its high location,  Paniai lake’s air is so fresh. Besides having fresh air, Paniai lake also has stones and sand on its banks and is also surrounded by high cliff; it creates interesting attraction for tourists. Behind the beauty of the nature of Paniai lake, the lake also stores various kinds of fresh fish and shrimp. There are many species of freshwater fish which are found in this lake; rainbow fish is the most searched by fisherman and fish collector because the fish has high economic value. Tourism activities at Paniai lake that can be enjoyed by visitors are walking surrounding the lake, fishing or  grilling fish. The visitors can also climb hills at the lake. From peak of the hills, they can witness the beauty of amazing nature. To go to the lake, we can depart from Enarotali city, the capital city of Paniai regency. And from the city, we can go by bus heading to the tourism object. If the visitors want to stay at night around the lake, they can stay at some lodgings or local residents’ houses.

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