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Kepa Island is a small island in Alor Regency, East Nusa Tenggara which has stunning clear blue waters. Enjoying the sunset on Kepa Island is so special, unlike anywhere else. Those of you who like water activities will definitely be interested in visiting this island, because Kepa Island has a stretch of white sand like flour with a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Looking at the ocean with a charming stretch of green hills and small islands around Kepa becomes a special color for your vacation. Alor Regency has 15 islands and six of them are inhabited. Kepa Island is like a forgotten island because it is far from civilization. However, this condition is the main attraction because it still has its original enchantment.

You will feel a new adventure on Kepa Island. You can stay in the traditional village bamboo huts of Alor, which are built on a cliff close to the beach, don't forget to book a place before coming. There are few huts available and they were built to maintain the authenticity of the environment around the island. Kepa Island is the best destination for you to explore nature and enjoy the underwater panorama. The coral reefs around the island are still very authentic. Because this area is surrounded by the Timor Sea, Sawu Sea, and Flores Sea which are breeding grounds for whales. If you are lucky, you will see a group of whales appearing on the surface. If you want to see the rich marine life, you can dive or snorkel in the waters of Kepa Island. You can swim with the colorful fishes that sometimes hide in the coral reefs.

To get
to Kepa Island takes about 10 minutes by boat from Keil Pulau Pier. Alor Island itself can be reached by flight about 45 minutes from El Tari Kupang Airport, the capital of East Nusa Tenggara to Kalabahi, the capital of Alor Island. Kalabahi becomes a transit point for tourists before continuing their journey to the small group of islands that surround Alor, including Kepa Island. From Kalabahi Airport in Alor, you still need to continue the journey for about one and half hours by car and continue by boat. This island does not have adequate infrastructure. There are no asphalt roads, public transportation or food stalls. In fact, only 30 people live on Kepa Island. So, make sure you bring all your personal needs before going to this island.

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