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Artists for the Opening of the Asian Games

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Artists for the Opening of the Asian Games

The implementation of the 18th Asian Games is a few months to come. The opening of every four years of this Asian Games will be held on August 18, 2018 in Jakarta, Indonesia. The implementation will be held in Jakarta and Palembang, South Sumatra. The preparation for the event, including Infrastructure and facilities has reached more than 90 percent. Serious efforts which are currently being prepared by the Asian Games 2018 Organizing Committee -INASGOC are both the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2018 Asian Games. Around 5,500 performers and 141 musicians are involved, including top Indonesian singers and musicians who take part in the 18th Asian Games to succeed. What is the message to be conveyed through artwork by artists for the Asian Games? Director of the Recording Industry Association of Indonesia – ASIRI, Jusak Irwan Sutiono expressed his true involvement because he feels that the Asian Games is for all and should be supported. This feels like in Official Theme Song Asian Games 2018, "Bright as Sun"

Raise the flag of your nation

Located on the highest pole

Make your young soul

Carve history

The spirit of competition is felt in the lyrics of this song. Because every athlete will certainly do his or her best effort to record history for Indonesia. The message is also a driving force for Indonesian athletes to present the best for the nation and country. The best contributions are also being prepared by other artists. Over 250 dancers from 18 high schools in Jakarta have joined intensive training to perform Indonesian modern packaged culture. While 2000 professional dancers, high school students and art college students are also engaged to be part of the spectacular opening and closing performances of the Asian Games. The involvement of artists in the 18th Asian Games means a lot. Because frequently, the success of a sporting event is measured from the opening and closing ceremonies. Moreover, the ceremony will be broadcast to 45 countries in Asia and some other continents, such as American continent. Great expectations are concentrated on the hard work of Indonesian artists or art workers who refer to the creative groups and the committees who have more than one year to prepare the opening and closing of the 2018 Asian Games. Moreover, there are Olympic standards that the Asian Games must be fulfilled. For Indonesia, the Asian Games not only organizes sports competitions, but also becomes one of the media to promote Indonesia's strength and potential. The opening and closing ceremonies of the 2018 Asian Games become golden moment to perform the work of Indonesian artists who are parallel with the world’s artistic creation.

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