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Friday, 05 November 2021 13:33

Rujak Teplak

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If one day you can visit Indonesia, try to enjoy a variety of  Indonesian typical culinary. When exploring Indonesian food, you will find some kinds of culinary that are almost the same in several places, such as ‘Rujak’. Rujak made from a mixture of any vegetables or fruits and doused with rujak sauce or rujak spice can be found in various regions with their own peculiarities. Take for example, Tegal has its typical salad known as ‘Rujak Teplak’.

Rujak Teplak is made from several types of vegetables such as kangkung, violaceous, sweet potato leaves, papaya leaves, cassava leaves, bean sprouts, banana heart, bitter-gourd, and boiled cucumber. The uniqueness of Rujak is in the sauce. In general, Rujak uses peanut sauce as the main ingredient. But,  the main ingredient of Rujak Teplak is boiled cassava. Then, the boiled cassava is crushed until smooth and mixed with red chili, Javanese sugar and Kencur.

To serve Rujak Teplak, you can enjoy all vegetables placed on a banana leaf sheet and then, they are doused with the cassava sauce. It tastes delicious, especially when eaten with yellow kerupuk or crackers fried in sand. The crackers are seasoned with grated dry coconut. Spicy or non-spicy Rujak Teplak can be adjusted according to taste and it depends on the chili sauce made from red chili mixed with ulenan or mashed cassava. It’s easy to enjoy this dish. Rujak Teplak is easily found in various corners of Tegal City, especially in traditional markets. The price is relatively affordable from Rp. 2,500 to Rp. 5,000 per serving.

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