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Friday, 12 November 2021 09:55

Bajingan Culinary

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Temanggung is a regency in Central Java, flanked by 2 mountains: Mt Sindoro and Sumbing which are famous for coffee and tobacco producing areas. Moreover, Temanggung has a variety of unique culinary and delicious delight. One of them is Bajingan (Bastard). This culinary’s name sounds harsh. In Indonesian, Bajingan is indeed a harsh curse. However, the people in Temanggung know Bajingan as a sweet snack with a soft texture.

Bajingan’s basic ingredients are quality cassava, brown sugar, thick coconut milk, and pandan leaves. Not all types of cassava can be processed into this food. Only soft and best quality cassava can be selected as raw ingredients.  Usually, the cassava is planted in fertile land, such as in rice fields or fields with high rainfall. When eaten, the sweet and legit taste of cassava is immediately felt. Bajingan is very delicious when eaten warm in the morning or evening. Moreover, it’s more delicious, if you eat it while drinking a cup of coffee or warm tea.

Usually, Bajingan is served directly in the form of stew. But now, some Bajingan is also fried. The fried one still tastes sweet. For those of you who want to try the pleasures of Bajingan, you can look for it in traditional markets in Temanggung; one of them is in Pasar Kliwon Temanggung. In addition, you can also buy at Papringan Market, a market that carries the theme of handicrafts and culinary specialties of the local area. Bajingan is sold at a relatively cheap price around IDR 10.000 per portion.

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