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Monday, 15 November 2021 09:30

Indonesia Passes a UN Resolution on the Protection of Woman Migrant Workers

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Last weekend, the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported that Indonesia and the Philippines succeeded in passing a resolution related to "Violence Against Women Migrant Workers" at the United Nations. This resolution is a biennial one, supported by 50 countries, and all members of the United Nations ratified it by consensus.

This year's resolution is focused on protecting female migrant workers amid the Covid-19 pandemic. This includes ensuring the state's commitment to protecting their health rights, access to health services and Covid-19 vaccines. This is very important, considering that many migrant workers are engaged in important sectors who continue to work during the pandemic. Ambassador/Chargé d'Affaires of the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Indonesia to the United Nations, Mohammad K. Koba said that migrant workers have a very important role in the essential sector. In addition, the foreign exchange contribution they generate is also important for economic growth and recovery after the pandemic.

This resolution itself has been initiated by Indonesia and the Philippines since 1993. The aim is to raise the awareness of UN member states about the importance of respecting the rights of women workers and their families, especially protection from violence and human rights violations.

The Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website states that in 2020 amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the flow of remittances to Indonesia from 22 countries decreased by 17.3 percent. In addition, many migrant workers have been laid off due to the pandemic. This has an impact on the livelihoods of migrant workers' families and the economy in rural areas. In addition, termination of employment also has an impact on a number of immigration and consular issues.

The Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website also said that the ratification of this resolution strengthens global recognition of Indonesia's leadership in international forums, especially in the field of protecting migrant workers.

Hopefully with this resolution, the receiving countries are increasingly aware of their obligations to protect migrant workers. Indeed, it is not only countries receiving migrant workers who have an obligation to protect them, but it’s also the country of origin of workers having to first protect migrant workers before leaving, at the time of departure, and at the time of placement. They must be fortified with legal documents; their placement destinations are ensured safe and they are monitored during deployment.

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