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Although there has been a psy-war through harsh statements, the United States and North Korea, apparently continue to prepare for the High Level Meeting between US President Donald Trump and North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un. US State Department Spokesman Heather Nauert in Washington said Monday, a US delegation had been on the border of the two Koreas , and that  South Korea was already  in  talks with North Korean officials. He said  both sides continue to prepare  for the meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un. Previously , it was reported that a number of South  Korean officials had even visited North Korea, and met up with the country’s  Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs. Besides preparation for possibile High Level Conference in  North Korea and the borders of the two Koreas, both US and North Korean officials  have  visited   Singapore which is planned to be the location of the Summit. Preparatory efforts can give  signal that Wahington and Pyong Yang are still committed to resuming talks, although diplomatic statements may  heat things up. One of the US allies, Japan, issued a declaration that gave pressure to  North Korea. In a telephone conversation between Washington and Tokyo, Donald Trump and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe agreed to urge  North Korea to dismantle all its nuclear testing sites. The Trump and Abe talks came just after high-ranking North Korean and US officials met in Pan Mun Jom to discuss the possibility of a high-level meeting. Trump and Abe, also agreed to meet before the Singapore Summit. The steps of the United States and its allies are openly expressed through media coverage. What remains unknown is the North Korean move with its greatest  ally, China. North Korea certainly does not stay silent in the face  of diplomatic moves by Washington. However, China’s  position as a North Korean ally certainly can not be disregarded.

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