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Dali Ni Horbo

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Cheese is one of the most famous dairy products from Europe. Although famous from Europe, Indonesia also has locally made cheese products. Besides Dangke from Enrekang, South Sulawesi, there is also Dali Ni Horbo from Tapanuli, North Sumatra. In the Batak language, "Dali" means Milk, while "Horbo" means Buffalo. So, it means Buffalo Milk. Indeed, this food is made from buffalo milk. The tradition of processing buffalo milk has been carried out by the ancestors of the Batak people. Dali ni horbo or another name, Bagot ni horbo has become the daily menu of the Batak people and is one of the menus for home cooking.

To make Dali Ni Horbo, the buffalo milk is milked and then processed in the traditional way, without preservatives and chemical substances. After the milk is finished, the milk is boiled for 10 minutes. Then, it is added with pineapple juice and papaya leaves. This method is done to help the milk to thicken while reducing the fishy smell. As the milk boils, the bubbles that are floating on the top are separated and the milk will slowly begin to thicken. After boiling, Dali Ni Horbo can be cooled and ready to eat.

Once cooked, Dali Ni Horbo looks white and solid like tofu with a strong milky aroma. This Dali or Bagot Ni Horbo can be consumed directly because it has gone through the ripening process. However, this Batak Cheese will be even more delicious if it is cooked with arsik spices. Arsik is a typical Batak cuisine that also uses the typical Batak "Andaliman" seasoning. If one day you visit North Sumatra, Dali Ni Horbo can be found around Lake Toba, Samosir Island, Tarutung, Parapat area, and traditional markets in North Sumatra. The price is also affordable, starting from Rp. 5 thousand to Rp. 15 thousand per piece.

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