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Wednesday, 29 December 2021 10:13

The World Must Still Beware of Covid-19

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The end of 2021 still doesn't show the end of the Covid-19 pandemic. Even now, the world has to be more vigilant due to the emergence of new troubling variants.

It has been almost two years since the world first hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. The death toll in various countries has been very large. Covid 19 has also had a major impact on the economy. Countries across the continent have spent huge amounts of money on the treatment of those affected by Covid 19, as well as on prevention through vaccines.

The threat of Covid19 has not yet ended until 2021 ends. Entering 2022, in various places there has been a decrease in the rate of transmission and death due to Covid 19. As in Indonesia, for example, there has been a significant decline. However, when the world began to take steps to enter the New Normal era, there was a threat of a new variant of Covid19.

The World Health Organization, WHO, on its official website, stated that there was a dangerous new variant. Starting out in South Africa and Botswana, a new variant called OMICRON is now spreading rapidly in Western Europe. Britain, which had originally begun to open its lockdown policy, now has to start a new vigilance. The country closed the door to the arrival of citizens from a number of countries that have been infected with Omicron. Although the impact of deaths from Omicron is said to be lower than the previous Covid-19 variant, namely Delta, the transmission rate is higher. In addition to Omicron and Delta, WHO has also identified other variants that are no less dangerous.

Entering the new year, people in various countries are still plagued with worries and even fears, not only because there is still Covid 19, but also due to dangerous new variants. Therefore, the international community still has to increase its vigilance, and must not be careless.

In Indonesia in particular, the Government in addition to trying to prevent and overcome it, must also try to implement various policies, so that economically, people's lives do not get worse.

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