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If you have an opportunity to visit Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara one day, you are recommended to taste Lombok's typical culinary namely Ayam Taliwang. This chicken-based menu has become a popular menu among the people and tourists, because of having a delicious and spicy taste. In addition to Taliwang chicken, another typical dish of Lombok that you have to try is Ayam Rarang or Rarang chicken. It is not much different from Taliwang chicken, this dish also offers a spicy taste sensation.

Rarang is the name of a village in East Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara. From the regency, the Chicken Rarang menu was first introduced by Inaq Delah. From its texture, indeed Rarang chicken looks spicy because it is covered with chili sauce and sprinkled with cayenne pepper. Even the chili sauce seems like piling up that covers the chicken meat. Besides being spicy, the Rarang chicken meat is also tasty and not tough, because it uses young free-range chicken. The Rarang chicken is made from village chicken with spices, such as big red chili, candlenut, coriander, and pepper. Then, all these spices are mashed. Next, the chicken is fried or grilled on a wood-fired stove. After it is well-cooked, it is cut into pieces and covered with spices that have been mashed. Don't forget to add lime juice on the top.

Rarang chicken is usually served with fried soybeans, cucumber, clear vegetables, and chicken gizzard liver skewered like satay. You can also enjoy this unique dish of Lombok at Rarang Chicken food stalls located along the road in Rarang Village, East Lombok. Besides in Rarang village, East Lombok, now Rarang Chicken can be enjoyed in Mataram, the capital of West Nusa Tenggara. Most restaurants sell Rarang chicken from afternoon until evening. The price per portion is from Rp 45,000 to Rp 50,000.

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