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Cangget Pilangan Dance

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Cangget Dance is one of traditional dances owned by the indigenous Lampung people of Pepadun. In 1942 before the arrival of the Japanese to Indonesia, Cangget Dance was performed for traditional events, such as on the harvest, in the ceremony to build a house or to accompany people who were going for Hajj. But now Cangget Dance is often used to accompany wedding ceremonies or title bestowing ceremonies. The people of Lampung are familiar with various types of Cangget dances. This time we introduce you to one of them, namely Cangget Pilangan Dance.

Cangget Pilangan, is a dance that is played by young men and women when they release one of their members who will marry and go out of the village, following their wife or husband. Cangget dance is performed with traditional clothes and traditional Lampung musical instruments. Some of the properties used, such as kris, jempana, umbrella, spear, gold tray, and others. The songs that accompany the Cangget dance, are tabuh mapak, tabuh tari, serliah adak, mikhul bekekes, gupek,and hujan turun.

Cangget dance is usually performed by 6 to 14 female dancers and two male dancers. The movement pattern of female dancers is dancing in lines, while male dancers dance in front of female dancers while showing their dance attractions to steal the attention of the woman. Although the cangget dance consists of various types, this dance basically has relatively the same movements, namely: worship movement (as an expression of respect); the floating knui movement (symbol of majesty); igel movement (symbol of might); gesture (symbol of fortitude and purity of heart); the movement of a tree (a symbol of tenderness); jajak/pincak movement (symbol of alertness in the face of danger); and the knui tabang movement (a symbol of confidence).

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