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Thursday, 28 June 2018 14:04

Family Day, the Day of All of Us

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Based on Presidential Decree No. 39, dated September 15, 2014, every June 29 officially becomes National Family Day -Harganas. But, the first celebration of National Family Day was held in Lampung province 25 years ago. This year, the city of Manado, North Sulawesi province becomes the organizer of the 25th anniversary of the Harganas from July 2 to 7, 2018. The theme of this year's anniversary is quite interesting, namely Family Day: the Day of All of Us with the tagline Love Family, Planned Love.

Why is June 29 chosen as National Family Day? There are 2 reasons. First after several sessions of negotiations in accordance with Room Rojen agreement in 1949, at a meeting on June 22nd, 1949, the Dutch finally returned the sovereignty to Indonesian unconditionally. After this agreement, a week later, on June 29, 1949, the fighters who were in separate physical struggles, began to return to their families. Second, the challenge faced after Indonesia achieved its sovereignty, is not easy. Early marriage rate was so high that it directly affected the increase in the number of births during 1950-1960's. Indeed, an increase in population can push the pace of development, but if not controlled, the potential is even a burden. Therefore, since June 29, 1970,  family planning through the Family Planning Program began to promote. After the program was officially implemented through the National Family Planning Coordinating Agency in the New Order Era, Indonesia's population could be controlled.

During the reform period, since 1999, the program has received less attention. There was a significant increase in population. Thus, there is awareness to reorganize the family planning through the National Population and Family Planning Agency -BKKBN. If well organized, an increase in the number of residents, a demographic bonus of 2030 can make Indonesia occupy the position of one of the developed countries in the world.

We certainly hope, the National Family Day commemoration is not just a ceremony, considering that the family plays a major role in development. More importantly, the commemoration must make the family one of the development motors. It is time for the family to a pillar of development by reminding the young, who are part of the family to better plan for their future, and the future of Indonesia.

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